Four Web Design Fundamentals

Clean Interface and Design

A clean, modern interface makes it easier for users to navigate your site and find content. It also makes the content easier to digest. “Clean” does not have to mean minimal, but you want your site to be as efficient as possible. The objective of good navigation is to provide a clear path to content in as few clicks as possible. The objective of good web design is to draw the user’s eye to action items or content. Good web design is clear and efficient, and a modern look inspires confidence in the user.

Solid Coding

Good coding is important to both search engines and visitors; it helps with SEO and provides a better user experience. There are many online tools that help check your coding, and most web design programs have internal tools that do the same. Error checking tools can miss things though, so it is important to double check coding for mistakes. Be sure to include ALT information for images and TITLE descriptions for links. Search engines check these niggling details and may penalize your site’s standing in the returns if it does not find them. These details also help users under various browsers and operating systems, and when images fail to load.

Good User Experience

The main objective of a website is usually to provide information in a fun and efficient manner, but there are other objectives. Whatever the purpose of your website, you want to be sure the user enjoys visiting. This can be accomplished by providing a clean and easy to use interface, a modern design, and solid coding, but there are other methods to consider, such as video and audio content, blogs, and other features. User forums and social media interactivity are also popular features.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is important to all websites as it helps potential visitors find them. Keywords and search terms should be included in every aspect of web design, including directory structure and file naming, and textual content. SEO has to be closely monitored and requires revisions to the website. This is why so many companies choose to outsource their search engine marketing. While an expert is suggested for any major campaign, there are many steps that can be taken to maximize SEO efficiency through clever design alone.

A Successful Website

A successful website satisfies the expectations of both the search engines and the end user, and is easy to find and navigate. Satisfying these fundamentals should draw traffic and improve your standings in the search engine results. Continue to update your site and add fresh content to maintain its relevancy and reward return visitors.

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