10 Best Web Site Ideas

website-ideasYou want to start a web site business. Even with just part time hours to devote to it, you can make money off your website if you choose a topic that is bound to attract visitors. Most of the most popular web site searches are for common, popular ideas, so chances are you may already have enough knowledge to build and write for the site.

1. Wedding Ideas

This is a perennially popular subject and can also be one of the most lucrative ones. Links or ads to caterers, tux rental shops, limo services, bridal shops, photographers, jewelers; this list of possible monetization ideas goes on and on.

2. Travel

This is not only a successful topic, but a fun one, especially if you like to travel yourself. Including your own photos, tips and reviews makes it easy to generate content, and travel sites attract the highest click rates because it is a high margin business. (Tell others about the places your family has traveled – provide photos, maps…

3. Movies

Every weekend, thousands of fans log on to look for movies to watch or rent. Post reviews, local viewing times, recommendations for kids, etc.

4. Computer Training

If you have experience and knowledge in this field, this can be a goldmine. There are still plenty of people who can’t find their way around a computer. You can help them with instructional guides, product recommendations and industry news. Develop a course or an ebook and sell it, or just rely on high end ads

5. Writing

You are not the only one who wants to start an internet site, but if you are one of the few of them who is also a good writer, you can develop a blog or article site which none other can. This will help you to work independently.

6. Vitamins and Health Products

The world is health mad these days, and vitamins and supplements are big sellers. You can discuss the benefits, limitations and even side effects of various nutrients from many different angles- beauty, weight loss, aging, etc.

7. Holidays

Keep your and your readers’ interest by focusing on a different holiday for each season of the year. Holiday parties, decorations, traditions always attract interest. (Have a Holiday theme for your site – change your site to suit each season.)

8. Interior Decorating

If you have a flair for decorating, put it to good use by positing your ideas and supplying links to great sites for purchasing decorating items.

9. Weight Loss

Especially if you have a success story to share, you can build a very successful site around one of the most popular topics on the web. Products, wardrobe tips, recipes and exercise tips will make sure you never run out of content

10. Beauty

This is such a broad topic that you are sure to find a niche in it to concentrate on. Skin care, makeup techniques, even wardrobe and health tips fall within the search for beauty.

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