Ranking The Best Display Advertising Agencies

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1. Booyah Advertising

The marching orders are simple: Make more money for your business. We bring a team of experts, technology and industry relationships to work for you.

2. JXT Group

Do you need help with Inbound Marketing? We provide full service management for shopping, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing & more.

3. OptFirst

What we do is put companies in front of the consumers by organic, paid and local search through SEO, SEM, PPC, and more.

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Important Questions To Ask Display Advertising Agencies

Display advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness and spread your company name. Whether using text ads, banner ads or ads through Gmail and Twitter, display advertising is a proven method of increasing website traffic and your bottom line.

However, when choosing a company to help your business with display advertising, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. Here are some questions that may be helpful to ask when meeting with a display advertising agency about your business:

What type of display ads do you use?

With display advertising, there are a variety of different ad types to choose from, including:

  1. Static ads – Static banner ads or square images that have no movement or interaction
  2. Text ads – Similar to PPC ads, these ads are plain text shown on different websites
  3. Animated ads – Moving ads (.GIF or Flash formats)
  4. Interactive ads – Ads that engage users (usually games they can play within the ad)
  5. Video ads – Videos that can play automatically when a user clicks on a site or when the user clicks the ad

Some agencies specialize in using one ad type over another. It is important to think about what type of display ads you want to use for your company, and then discuss with these display advertising agencies what type of display advertisements you are looking for.

How do you choose what demographics to target using display ads?

There are five main strategies companies use to target certain users with display advertising:

  1. Remarketing – Using display advertisements to target users who have visited your website previously
  2. Targeting by website placement – Placing your display ads on specific websites you choose
  3. Targeting by interest – Targeting users based on their search history, their likes, profiles and overall interests
  4. Contextual targeting – Showing your display advertisements on websites found by searching for specific keywords
  5. Topic targeting – Showing your display ads on websites that fall into topics that you choose

Make sure to ask these agencies what strategies they typically use and discuss what strategy (or combination of strategies) you think would work best for your company’s display ad campaign.

Have you worked with companies in my industry before?

By asking about their past experience, you can determine if they are a good fit for your company. Display advertising agencies need to be somewhat familiar with your industry in order to know what demographics to target and what display network to use.

What display ad networks do you use?

There are many different display advertisement networks your business could advertisement on. The three most popular are the Google Display Network, Facebook Audience Network and Twitter Audience Platform. However, some networks are better for certain industries than others, depending what on what demographics your company is looking to target. Therefore, discussing what networks the digital advertising agency uses can be helpful when trying to choose between agencies.

How Much Does Display Advertising Cost?

Specialized Display Advertising work will likely cost more because you are getting someone who knows your company’s demographics and is focused on displaying your advertisement to qualified traffic. Hiring someone familiar with your industry is an important part in looking for a display advertising agency; someone unfamiliar with your company’s market won’t know what demographics to target, which display networks to use or how to create ads that appeal to your specific audience.

Be wary of any company offering rates that seem too good to be true; they most likely are. Companies that are able to offer low rates for their display advertising services are not putting the time or effort needed into your small business’s display strategy. Instead, they may be placing your ads on the cheapest networks, rather than the most relevant.

Why it’s worth spending more for specialized Display Advertising work

By spending more for specialized display advertising work, you know that your ad will be displayed on carefully chosen websites, in the top positions and to targeted users. When buying the lowest priced display ad space, your ads are shown on pages that aren’t visited or ranked highly by search engines, meaning they won’t receive much traffic, or are displayed at the very bottom of the site page, so most people never even see them, even if they do visit the website.

How Long Does Display Advertising Take To See Results?

Just like PPC, display advertising shows results almost immediately! Once an ad is approved and running, data is collected. Your company is then able to see metrics such as number of clicks, number of impressions, cost-per-click, average cost-per-click, click-through-rate, conversions and average position, depending on what you are tracking. For the Google Display Network, any changes make to your display network campaigns will take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours to apply.

Picking the perfect company For Display Advertising Work

When picking a display advertising agency for your business, it is important to make sure they are the right fit for your company and good at what they do. Here are a few things to keep in mind while searching for someone to help with your business’s display ad campaign strategy:

  • Ask if they have worked with a company in your industry before – When hiring a display advertising agency, you want someone with experience in your industry. Someone who is familiar with your business already has a general idea of what demographic to target, along with what kind of display network and advertisements will work best for your company.
  • Talk with their team – If possible, try to meet with the team that will be working on your company’s display campaign strategy. You can then ask questions about what strategies they use for display advertising, what they know about your company’s industry, how often you would be meeting, what type of advertisements they like to use and what metrics they focus on when analyzing results.
  • See an example report – By looking at an example of their reports, you can see what metrics they report on for display advertising and how the reports are organized. This will show you how well they understand the data, and if they are able to present it in an easy-to-read format.
  • Find a display advertising company in your budget – Make sure the companies you are looking at offer services you can afford. Display advertising doesn’t need to cost a lot; set a budget you’re comfortable with and find a company that offers great services at affordable prices.
  • Decide if you want to work with a local company – Some business owners prefer having face-to-face meetings, while others are okay with communicating over the phone. With a local company, meeting in person is easy; however, with companies that aren’t nearby, information is usually shared through e-mails or over the phone.
  • Ask other business owners in the area what companies they use – An easy way to find display advertising companies that you can trust is to ask for referrals from other business owners you may know. These people will also be able to tell you what they like and dislike about the companies they work with currently, giving you more of an idea of what the agency is like.