Top 15 Plugins For Optimizing Your WP Site

Optimizing your site is the most important thing you need to do. Doing so will assure the well-arranged and approachable content of your blog. Plugins are among the most preferred applications used for the purpose of SEO optimization. There are many plugins and they cover the wide range of tasks required for successful SEO campaign. Here are listed the top 15 that will help you achieve that. 

All in one SEO Pack

Many website owners refer to this plugin as one of the most helpful. All in one SEO Pack is easy to use plugin that will add meta tags, optimize your post titles and as overall help your blog to avoid duplicate content. Also important is that you can manually adjust the meta data such as keywords, titles and descriptions for every page and post on your site.


This plugin is also a good helper for the site owners. You can handle the meta data and many other various SEO tasks. Tagging your posts, writing descriptions and creating SEO friendly titles – all this results improved ranking of the page and increased relevance on search engines. There are many other features that allow you wide customization of the pages. The multiple languages make this plugin widely used.


It is a SEO plugin which is very effective and keyword related, helping for the On-Page optimization. The main tasks are related to managing of the keywords as follow: calculating the density of the keywords, analyzing the tags, making SEO friendly keywords. You can see the score of your pages and posts – a task that would usually take you a lot of time. The plugin makes suggestions for changes that have to be made thus improving the performance of your website and making it more visible for the search engines.

SEO Friendly Images

The proper ALT and TITLE tags on pictures are crucial for the better acceptance of the search engines. This plugin will help you to optimize all your images and to make them friendlier in the perspective of SEO. This plugin will not only help your pages to rank better, but you can rank with your pictures in places such as Google Images.

Platinum SEO plugin

It is a good SEO plugin offering a lot of features that can be helpful in the improvement process of your website. The features start from optimizing the posts and pages, auto generating meta tags, adding automatic 301 redirects for changed permalinks and many more.

Pingback Optimizer

Backlinks are important part of your website optimization. Many blogs pingbacks and trackbacks, these types of notifications are when another site linked to yours. Usually they remain unnoticed by the search engines but if you treat them properly they can work for you. Pingback Optimizer is plugin that places the trackbacks and pingbacks in RSS feeds, which are submitted in RSS directories. The directories in their turn link to the url of you trackback or pingback and enhances the ranking on search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are used by Bing, Google, Ask, Yahoo and etc. Creating sitemaps will make the crawling task much easier for the search engine bots. The better structure of your website ensures that the information will be distributed better. It is a good way to notify the search engines about every new post on your site. The option to rebuild the sitemap manually in case of errors or problems remains.

Sitemap Generator

If you are looking for a way to make widely customizable WordPress sitemap then this is the plugin for you. You can choose what to include and what not to with the help of the multi-level permalinks, categories and pages.

SEO Slugs

If you have long file names that are assigned to your blog posts for example, this is called a slug. SEO Slugs removes the commonly used words ( like, you, how ,the and etc. ) and in this way makes the posts friendlier to the search engines.

SEO Title Tag

Useful plugin that allows you to generate custom title tags, also you can define title tags for pages with error 404. The option to edit slugs and title tags all over the site make this plugin very helpful.

Automatic SEO links

This plugin can help you to link words or phrases that you desire. When you set word or phrase, the Automatic SEO links changes all the matches over the website. You can also customize the target, the title and the relevance for every link, and change the status to no-follow.

SEO Smart links

The usage of this plugin will automatically link keywords and phrases on your site to relevant categories, posts and pages that are also on your site. You can setup keywords and match urls to then, also adding no-follow attribute.

WP Backlinks

Link exchange is now very simple task thanks to this plugin. Upon installation, a small form is generated on the sidebar of your site. This form allows other bloggers and web masters to submit link to your site in exchange for link on their. WP Backlinks searches the web master site and one it finds reciprocal link – the link exchange is successful.

Robots Meta

The plugin provides you with the opportunity to set no-index to feeds and the index of pages, posts and archives. It is quite useful for setting no-index attribute to great range of content.

SEO Rank Reporter

It is simple and very useful plugin that tracks your keywords in Google rankings and on every 3 days you receive report. This is useful to summarize the traffic flow in your site and helpful when you are trying new techniques. You will be notified with emails for any major changes in the ranks.

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  1. Always appreciate articles on good WordPress plugins. Haven’t tried some of these. Headspace 2 seems to handle several of the SEO functions performed individually by some of these plugins.

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