5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Apps For Your Website


Google is one of the best search engines that has answer for all your questions. There is no match to the convenience as well as usability offered by Google apps when you develop a website. These apps provide a solution for documents, word processing, mails, calendars, spreadsheets, and alike. Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons as to why consider Google Apps for your website:


As Google Apps is on the cloud, this makes it the most reliable application one can ever use. If you are not able to log into your system or your system is lost or stolen then you can access the information from any other local computer as the information is stored on the cloud and not in the local computer’s hard disk. This proves to be a very effective service without much service disruptions.


If a personal email server is running, then there is a high probability that privacy might get attacked by spammers or viruses. Any computer system is prone to spam attacks. Google Apps is pertinent for disabling and getting rid of these Spams and Viruses. Gmail, a Google App has the best spam filters and organizational tools that have come across. Postini filtering lets you customize your spam protection. Chromebooks don’t run user-installed software applications, which can be the source of viruses and malware. Google Apps for Business offer additional security features of SSO integration, forced SSL, as well as custom password strength requirements.
Google Apps (free) users get around 7GB of free space and it also comes with a feature to archive the mails. Although 7 GB may sound to be more for some but it can be filled up pretty quickly these days and especially for such people Google has presented Google Apps for business. Google Apps for business provides up to 25 GB of email storage space. This will surely be helpful for the people who want to expand their business further.

Search and Share

Google’s primary tool is its search engine. When you use the Google apps the search engine is integrated into it automatically. You can search the web as well as search your own documents, emails and other archived emails. Type the name and other relevant information in the space provided and Google search will produce all the necessary information in a few seconds.

By using Google Apps, a user can share spreadsheets, presentations, documents, drawings, or calendars with different users having a Google email account. Several users connected can access and edit the same document simultaneously.

Other Features

Google Apps offers a lot of features which makes it even more versatile. Some of them are found on the Gmail while others can be obtained through Google Apps. Some of the features provided by Google are:

  • Google Adsense- It offers advertising solutions to web publishers and provides ads that are relevant for the website.
  • GMail or GTalk- Instant messaging.
  • Gmail- File Storage.
  • Google calendar- To Do List, Scheduling.
  • Google Docs- Document/ Spreadsheet/ Presentation/ Creation and Editing
  • Google Blogger- Blogging
  • Picasa- Image Storage
  • Google Video- Personal Video Storage
  • YouTube – Video Storage.
  • MindMeister- Mind Mapping/ Flow Charts.
  • Google+, Orkut- Social Networking sites from Google.

Now you must have understood why Google Apps should be for your website.

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