The Many Benefits of Using WordPress

Many people are under the mistaken impression that WordPress is only for blogs. Actually, that is where WordPress began; however, WordPress is now the perfect place for a newly designed or redesigned website. WordPress affords users ease of both use and functionality of the content management system (CMS). WordPress website users have more control of their server files, themes, plugins, source codes and much more. Users can also import their .com sites to their self-hosted site. Another benefit of using WordPress is that it is almost totally free. Adding pictures and videos are simple on WordPress. Of course, incorporating and creating a blog can be done in a matter of just a few minutes.

Many users of WordPress will be pleased to find out that hundreds of page themes are free, and there are more specialized page themes for a very small fee. These themes are easy to install and there is a multiple user access with control permissions. WordPress offers search engine optimization (SEO) friendly coding. It is very easy to adapt to without any needed support. WordPress is famous for its 5 minute installation. That is hardly a time investment and well worth trying WordPress for your website needs.

Another thing that is great about WordPress is that you are able to maintain your search rankings nearly 100% of the time. If a website is migrated to WordPress, search engines and robots will be able to easily access the site. WordPress is very favorable among website users. These users really like the available plugins. WordPress is known to have an extremely large plug-in base. Plugins help users achieve a number of CMS customizations. New plugins are frequently made available. This allows for the specific and continuing needs of those interested in migrating to WordPress. All of these wonderful features make using WordPress a very attractive choice for so many.

WordPress has a very large community that can offer advice about plugin identification and their many uses, as well as advice on the CMS. Not that anyone should need CMS advice, since WordPress makes it so simple. However, in the case that they do, it’s there for them. As with most of the options in WordPress, upgrading is made so simple. Each version released is thoroughly tested and includes additional functionality and security features. WordPress is so flexible and easy to implement almost any application. This makes WordPress such a powerful, attractive option for users. Creativity and imagination are unlimited when choosing to use WordPress website needs. Client satisfaction is vast with WordPress. That is not surprising considering they get so much for so little in the way of cost and time. Users are able to create and manage amazing websites with little or no web development experience. That in and of itself, is truly a beautiful thing.

Without a doubt, WordPress is above its competitors. The benefits are obvious. Prior to the high functionality and the easy operation of the WordPress CMS, users had to be well versed in HTML, PHP and CSS in order to manually create, organize and upload different web pages. WordPress is extremely user friendly. Other content management systems brag about their vast list of features, but more often than not, they are extremely complicated to use. WordPress actually realizes the goal of endless features without the complications. After migrating to WordPress, web site users will immediately notice the power of WordPress through their own ability to use it in so many ways.

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