What’s The Big Deal About Google +1?

Well, the big deal about Google +1 is it can help you have an edge over your competition, in a way quite smarter than any you’ve ever known! No wonder the entire online arena is buzzing with the signs of Google +1. So, if you are into an SEO and SE marketing vertical or have websites or blogs that need optimization, this is a tool you must understand.

Rumor has it that Google has been trying to get into the social media arena for quite sometime. And hence, one can say that Google +1 is Google’s very own ‘like’ button with a little twist. Google +1 is Google’s take on the popular LIKE button of Facebook, where in you can like a website by clicking on the +1 sign, which will be saved to your Google account. If you have a public profile, you can also share your like with people who have Google profile.

So what IS the big deal?

Well, there is a big deal. Insights and let outs suggest that Google’s algorithm is going to be connected to the +1 button. Are you getting the drift? It means that the higher the concentration of clicks on the +1 button for a particular website, blog or a webpage, the higher that page ranks in the search engine. You see, there is nothing Google does without a reason and totally makes sure that you do what they intend you to do. And although this is in a beta testing phase now, that this is soon going to hit it big is not a far fetched idea.

So, how do you get in the Google +1 experiment?

To be a part of this, the first thing that you need to do is get a Google Profile. If you are not sure, how to, the instructions will lead the way. After you have set up a Google profile, sign up for the +1 Button Experiment. All you need to do is click on join this experiment and you are in!

The possibilities

Once you are in the league, you can find sites you like and vote for them by clicking on the +1 button an also can add this to your profile. In fact, you can start clicking your own sites and pages and ask your friends to reciprocate to it. Who knows your site might be the first to rank in the search engines when people make searches on verticals your website or blog deals with. This is tricky combination of search and social media in a combo that will definitely affect the ranking system!

So how will it help in giving an edge over the others?

Well, is it not all about popularity? How many friends you have in FB, how many fans your company has, how many retweets you are getting or how many people are following you on twitter. In this era, marketing is all about visibility and popularity. And as rightly said by a wise man, people don’t buy products, they buy brands. Today, popularity establishes your brand. And the more popular you are, the more you are sold. Google is just executing the same for better evaluation and ranking.

Bottom line is, even if some people may refute the fact that this is the next step to search marketing and that the Google +1 button lacks history, functionality and familiarity of the Facebook like button, we believe that with slow adoption, it won’t be long that Google will be relishing a higher social graph data than Facebook. With such a superior interface for advertisers, it is indeed a winning proposition!

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