Magento Globalization and Your Business Standard

Managing an online business in today’s hyper competitive situations is not at all an easy task. It not only requires diligent efforts, but also the right strategies and software to make an online business an astounding success. An online portal requires robust and flexible software to handle the multiple tasks going on simultaneously. The larger the business, the more complex an online store becomes. Thus, in order to run an online portal successfully, it is important to have right tools and strategies. Advanced, robust, flexible and powerful e-commerce tools are indispensable to the growth and success of an online business. These help immensely in establishing the business and creating a brand value. These eCommerce tools or applications ensure that the site generate maximum traffic, sales, and good ROI.

It is a well known fact that Magento is one of the most powerful e-commerce solutions. Magento development is one of the most effective ways to boost the traffic, sales and ROI of a business. It is an open source technology that provides the full control to the user. Magento is extremely easy to use. It lets the site owner to make required changes in the site as and when required. It has a set of features and innumerable modules to offer.

In today’s hyper competitive world, an online portal needs a lot more than just the online presence. There are tons of sites on the web and all are vying to grab the top positions on search engine rankings. Thus it goes without saying that in order to survive this fierce competition and fare better than the competitors, e-commerce website needs to robust, advanced and full of all the latest features. This is exactly what Magento provides. It empowers a business by incorporating a number of functionality and enhances its performance. With Magento, it is convenient to manage a web portal, no matter how large and complex it is.

This is precisely the reason why there is a greater demand for PSD to Magento these days. PSD to Magento conversion helps to provide a full fledged, advanced, professional and dynamic website incorporated with all the latest features. In fact, this conversion guarantees all the features required for a well structured and smooth functioning website. Some of these features are:

• W3C validation: This is one of the most important features provided by PSD to Magento conversion. W3C validation is necessary for a website to ensure that the code is completely error free; the site is well structured and is built adhering to web standards. A W3C validated website can boost your business’ chances of making it big. This is because a W3C validated site runs smoothly and ensures good business.

• Cross browser compatibility: This feature ensures that the site is accessible via different browsers like IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. If a website is not accessible via different browsers, it will lose out on a majority of visitors as people use different browsers in different parts of the world. With this feature, your site will get visitors from all over the world and will boost the conversion rate of your business.

• Semantic coding: Semantic coding ensures that the code structure is neat and all the components are at their right place. A well structured website attracts more visitors that consequently increase the traffic volume and sales rate of your business.

• Pixel perfect conversion: This feature makes sure that the site bears the same look across different platforms. A pixel perfect site earns reputation from both search engines as well as visitors. This augurs well for your site.

• Web compatible pages: PSD to Magento conversion ensures that the pages are web compatible and are accessible via different browsers. With web compatible pages, you can rest assured that your site will do a good business.

Magento shopping cart software can help you run the online business with perfect ease. It has plethora of built-in functionality to support an online business in a perfect manner. Magento’s built-in features and advanced modules have made it s globally popular e-commerce shopping cart software. Some of its features are mentioned below

1. Multiple store management: Magento can easily help you manage multiple stores without any hassles. It has a single back end admin panel from where the store owner can control all the functionality of the store. With Magento, you can be rest assured that your e-commerce store performs well and fetches good ROI. It can help you in globalize your business and manage multiple stores with perfect ease.

2. Multiple language and currency support: Another interesting and very helpful feature of Magento is that it supports multiple languages and currencies. Nothing else can be a big relief for a store owner that caters to international customers. The owner does not have to worry about the communication barrier or the currency problem. With visitors from around the world, you business will earn a good brand name and good ROI. This is the most impressive feature of Magento which helps in globalization for a brand.

3. Endless product uploading: If you have a big store and sell a large number of products, Magento is what you need to carry this out even further. It allows the store owner to upload unlimited number of products. You can extend your business by adding n number of products without worrying about it affecting the functionality of your site.

4. SEO Optimization: Magento is a search engine friendly e-commerce solution and has built-in SEO optimization tools to boost the SEO ranking of the site. With it’s built in SEO features, you can create unique titles, keywords etc. with these SEO features, you site will attain top search engine ranking and consequently get good traffic and sales.

5. Code structure: Magento has well defined core code that allows the users to download other extensions without worrying about the functionality of the current website.

6. Community support: Magento has a big developer’s community that makes it easy to get help from experts. It can also store third party extensions in a number of ways.

Besides these built-in features, Magento also offers a plethora of extensions that can extend the functionality of website. Some of the useful Magento extensions are:

1. Extended sitemap: This extension allows you to display all of your existing Catalog Categories, Products, CMS Pages and additional configurable links with a hierarchical structure SEO optimized for web spiders on a single Site Map page available through your store footer link.

2. Donations: This extension allows you to accept donations from your customers. Donation can be added to an order total right before the checkout process from customer’s shopping cart. You can easily configured Donation purpose text via CMS Static block. It also allows you to set a minimum donation amount you accept.

3. Currency Auto switcher: This extension enables multi-currency Magento stores to automatically switch store currency for visitor based on visitor’s IP address geographical location.

4. Geo Lock: This extension allows limit access to Magento store from specific countries automatically detected by IP address or geographical location. It is also possible to set IP black and white lists.

5. Delivery Zones: Delivery/Shipping Zones extension allows store owners to filter (hide) specific store categories and/or shipping methods based on country and region of visitors.

With plenty of built-in features and innumerable extensions, Magento is simply the best option for an online business. In this globalized world, Magento can help your business take a big leap towards success by globalizing it and making it customer centric. Magento is simply indispensable if you wish to make an impact in your niche domain and grow with a steady pace.

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