Top Five Free Web Design and Optimisation Tools

Web design is rapidly becoming more and more straightforward and nowadays even people lacking any formal training are putting together eye catching websites and blogs. This turn of events is mostly thanks to the improvements to web design software, which have made them incredibly user friendly, and aided further by the tools available for tweaking a site’s content.

While it’s true that the very best design programs and management tools cost money, there are also quite a few really useful free tools floating around out there. The problem has generally been choosing which ones to trust in a sea of risky options, which is why we’ve put together our own list of top five picks.


If you’re working freelance or simply in an agile office capacity then this handy online tool could definitely be of assistance. Toggl allows you to create projects, which are viewable by other team members or assigned individuals, and start the timer on them. It can also create status reports and performance charts on your, or your team mates, efforts. Make sure you’re confident of your skills before you introduce your boss to this one though.


A full and highly flexible project management web application that can serve as the backbone for just about any busy business. This is a management system so it’s going to allow you to create and track multiple projects which can be tied into other tasks or into your calendar. Open communication forums allow your team to hash out whatever they need to and tasks can be specifically assigned to groups or an individual. This totally free app means that the manager is always watching you.


Step back overpriced Photoshop program because you’re being replaced by the new, improved and free version . . . well, not really but it is free. Pixlr is a phenomenal online program and the saving grace of those who can’t afford Adobe’s latest offerings but it does have its limitations. Despite lacking some of the functionality of its highly priced compatriot, this program does cover everything that the average designer might need to use in a day.

Google Docs

Another management system but this one’s a little more focused on specific tasks. G Docs is an online word processor and spreadsheet system which is free to all. Functionality is fairly limited but you have the same basic features as any spreadsheet and zero compatibility issues with Word. The key element for this app is the live collaboration which allows an entire company to check in and fill out information on separate projects, which everyone can view.


Color blind? Well this won’t help if you are but for everyone else it’s a great free solution to being unable to pick a color scheme for their blog or website. Kuler allows you to do anything you can imagine you should with color, which includes scanning through a formidable library and making your own colors by blending and importing colors from elsewhere. Brew up your own color schemes, save them and use them.

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