Why You Should Use HTML5 For Your Website?

For you to show up HTML5 and facilitate the knuckle dragging designer and developer to get on bandwagon, let us trace the top lists why you ought to utilize HTML5 for your website? There are various articles that tout HTML5 use and praise the benefits that they can have from it. It is very practical these days too.

Reasons Why You Must Use HTML5 for Your Website:

If you’re not applying HTML5 till now, you might have your own reason. HTML5 is a kind of revolution that web needed, fact is it’s the future so you have to deal with it. HTML makes producing accessible websites simpler for 2 reasons: ARIA and Semantics. With new tags for Semantics you can examine HTML doc and make better experience using them.

ARIA is w3c specs that are used mainly to assign particular roles to element in HTML doc. importantly, making essential landmarks in the page like footer, header, article or navigation through role attributes.

Audio and Video Support
Disregard things about third party media and flash player; make your audio and video accessible with new HTML5. Having media to correctly play has often pretty much like nightmares, you need to use object tags with embed tags, along with assignment of large lists of parameter to make it work and be visible rightly.

Actually it is so simple, though since the old evil browser there does not like HTML5, you will need to have extra codes to keep them working, however these codes are not closely messy or gnarly as embed tags along with object tags. It includes:

<video poster="myvideo.jpg" controls>
<source src="myvideo.ogg" type="video/ogg" />

<source src=”myvideo.m4v” type=”video/mp4″ />
<embed src=”/to/my/video/player”></embed>

You can also find some other source for this too.

Dotctype HTML. This is doctype and nothing more. No more pasting or cutting some long and unreadable lines of codes, there will be no messy tags full of doc type attributes as well.

Cleaner Code
If you’re passion with elegant, simple to read, and easy codes then, this is one basis why you must use HTML5 for your website. This will let you write descriptive and clear codes.

Smarter Storage
Another basis why you have to apply HTML5, having local storage helps you in many ways. Having the capacity to store information in user’s browser let you create application features.

Better Interaction
Of course, in having a site you have to get a better interaction to have a dynamic respond.

Mobile is a trend and it conquers the globe. Adoption of mobile device continues to develop rapidly which means more users uses mobile browser to view sites and application. HTML5 creates mobile prepared projects easily.

Why It Becomes the Future?

Since there are various reasons why you have to start applying HTML5, you must not be out casted. It isn’t going any where and more components adopted by companies to start developing it. Therefore, why not get advantage of this?

4 thoughts on “Why You Should Use HTML5 For Your Website?

  1. HTML5 have made the websites so better that its very easy in these days to make enthralling website !! Thanks for this Article !!

  2. Although it is not yet official and HTML 5 codes keeps on changing, I should say that there are so many great things that HTML5 can bring to all of us for better and faster browsing. Just look at YouTube, it is using HTML5 concepts that is why it loads faster than other online streaming sites.

  3. heh html5 platform can be used for developing the mobile apps for mobile os like android, ios etc without having the knowledge of any native language….u can use Phonegap mobile development for that..

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