How To Grow Your Fan Base on Facebook – 5 Proven Strategies To Consider

Strategy #1 Associate Your Facebook Profile To Your Page

This is something that you can do quite easily by following some really simple steps:

  • Browse through your Facebook account and click over the Edit profile tab
  • Select the option that states as Education & Work
  • In the Employers’ field’ type your Fan Page’s name
  • Click over Add Employer’ Or Add a Project’ as per your page’s category

Strategy #2 Link Your Facebook Page’s URL to Your Email Cross

A large number of people are following this strategy, however some are just not able to realize this fact or they simply overlook it. It is certainly a good approach to add your Facebook page’s URL to your email cross, along with various other social media links you perhaps are active in. mostly people prefer adding their YouTube and Twitter profile links along with their telephone numbers and Skype so that they can be easily accessed. You can add in a picture, your blogs URL, famous or popular quote, tabs linking to your active social networking portals.

Strategy #3 Embed Related Videos onto Your Blog and Facebook Page

You can upload your favorite videos on the populous portal YouTube and also link it to your Facebook Fan page so that your subscribers can see what kind of videos you have posted for them. You can also embed the YouTube application to your Fan page. On the other hand, there is a great plus to actually uploading related videos to your Fan page directly. You can opt for the Fan page’s code and have it embedded on your blog. Do not forget to integrate the Like tab, so that all people who are watching the video over your blog can Like’ it afterwards. When they will press the Like’ button, you will be another Follower for your fan base and their activity will also show up in their news feed, making others come to your fan page as well.

Strategy #4 Do Bargain

Another approach to follow here to get more and more likes for your page is to have a giveaway or a contest. You can make it a per-requisite that people coming to your page must press the like’ button first and once they do, they will be able to see the page’s contents. As more and more people will click over the Like’ button, the more of your page’s content will appear in the feeds so that your followers can see your information on a continuous basis.

Strategy #5 Socialize!

This is quite easily said as compared to be done. And this is for the reason that you are required to spend a lot of time to extend new relationships over the Internet. It is best to participate in discussions, comments where your superlative audience is already energetic and you take a part in to contribute useful and relevant information.

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