8 Useful Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Social media plays a great role in driving traffic to your blog, for most people it’s the second biggest source for Search engines. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit and StumbleUpon has the power to make your content go viral.

While, there are ton of ways to share the content but to maximize the result you need to integrate social media in your WordPress website. This will help you get more traffic & social shares.

In this post, I am going to share 8 useful social media plugins that you can use to improve your website.

Social Media Plugins

1. Digg Digg

The most popular and well established social media solution owned by Buffer team. The plugin easily lets you add social media plugins at various places with just few clicks. It also has an option to add a social vertical floating bar to the left or right side of your blog posts.

There aren’t many plugins that comes with so many options to integrate social media buttons to your website. It displays all the popular social sharing buttons with counts including sites like Pinterest, Flattr, etc.

digg digg

It also comes with an option to enable lazy load to improve the website performance. In simple words, it will display the social media buttons once the site is loaded.

Download the plugin

2. ShareBar

If you’re just looking to add a vertical floating social media buttons either to the left or right side of the blog posts, than ShareBar is the plugin you should be using. I have been using it on my WordPress blog and the plugin works like a charm.

It easily allows you to rearrange, disable or delete current buttons through the settings page.

Though, it doesn’t come with Google+ & Linkdin buttons, but adding new social media buttons is easy & takes less than a minute.

Add new social media buttons


Change the Background, size, colors from settings page.

sharebar settings

Download the plugin

3. Shareaholic

Shareholic adds sexy social media buttons to your blog. You would be amazed how many social media buttons are packed in this one single WordPress plugin.

One of the most downloaded and oldest plugin in the WordPress Respiratory. The plugin is packed with a ton of nicely designed social media buttons that when hover over displays the full button.


It also shows a background image that says “Sharing is caring” which can be easily be modified or removed with a few clicks.

Download the plugin

4. Social Toolbar

Social Toolbar plugin puts a toolbar at the bottom of the blog posts with some nice options. The toolbar shows your latest tweet, social profile links, social media buttons with counts and an option for normal users to hide the toolbar.

social toolbar

The concept is very similar to Wibiya, but with social toolbar plugin you don’t have to show credit or anything for that matter.

Download the plugin

5. SocialPop

Social Pop is a premium plugin which you can use to show the social media buttons. The display settings allow them to appear right after the content section of the page. You can also manually insert them wherever you like, including widget areas using the Manual Insert Settings option.

Although, it’s a great social media plugin but it doesn’t show any count or social shares for that matter.

social popup plugin

Download the plugin

6. ShareThis

Sharethis is used by more than 1 million websites and has access to 120 social media channels. The plugin comes with 7 types of displays including large icons, Horizontal count, vertical count, classic, Regular buttons, Regular buttons without any text and normal buttons.

Sharethis comes with two different widgets:

1. The Multi post option allow visitors to share the content without living the website.

2. The Classic option redirects visitors to the relevant service.

Download the plugin

7. Social Media Counters

This is a simple and useful sharing plugin that adds social media buttons with counts – Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin, Stumbluepon, Google+ and Sharethis.

This plugin lets you configure buttons for top of posts, bottom of posts and excerpts. This Social Media plugin can also be enabled on custom post types.

Download the plugin

8. SocialBox

Social Box is a premium plugin that displays your social media channels with followers count. It can be used in the sidebar to get more likes & followers on Facebook and twitter.

This beautiful plugin has 8+ services and that includes Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Github, Dribble, Forrst, Vimeo and Feedburner.

Download the plugin

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