Top 15 SEO Tips Every Web Designer Should Follow

Internet has been one of the biggest buzz in the present time. Now we can say that internet has changed the entire world drastically or the borders of this modern world have been redefined. Therefore, as the internet is getting more and more popular day by day, the need of making the web designing process more efficient is increasing. Production and maintenance of websites requires different skills and disciplines which comes under web designing. So, it can be said that any company’s sales generation and addition of assets to its business can be increased through efficient web designing.

However, the problem, which the online businesses have to face, is that how to come in the limelight of various search engines. The most informative, usable, functional and relevance sits are mainly ranked by the search engines. Therefore, the point is to utilise SEO web design in order to create a high ranking website at search engines. In order to dominate the search engines, every business need to have on site SEO as basic building material for their website designing purposes.

So, here are some ways by which the SEO strength of a website can be improved :

1. Attractive codes

The codes should be made much more attractive than the design by using the semantic codes because in this way the critical tags and contents can be easily read by the search engines.

2. Different page titles

Every page should have unique page titles, descriptions and keywords. A unique meta data shall be encoded on each page so that the search engines can have a better hold on the structures of website construction.

3. Quick indexing

It involves linking a particular website to another much famous site for faster indexing by the search engines.

4. Usage of keyword rich title tags

The keywords that the client wants to tag for shall be included in the <title> tag. So, in this way, the clients will get a strong advantage in ranking in the search engines.

5. Site navigation should be Search Engine friendly

Search engines have to face a lot many problems in navigating through a website which uses Flash. So, instead of using flash to add attractive effects to a website, CSS and JavaScript shall be used.

6. Generic links shall be used

Usage of the correct word while linking to the appropriate content is a must. The clients must get an idea about what the link contains.

7. Suitable contents appropriate for the search engines

Content of the websites is the ultimate need of the search engines. So, proper content shall be given in the website during its designing to face the stiff competition during the search results.

8. Pages that does not require indexing by search engines

Blocking of some pages such as about us, contact us or services page should be done.

9. Follow W3C standards

Easier indexing of the sites can be made by using clean codes, so the designers have to follow W3C standards.

10. Designing of URLs for search friendliness

The URLs containing the keywords which can explain its entire content are called the best URLs. So, these kinds of search friendly URLs should be designed.

11. Place scripts outside of the HTML documents

As we all know that search engines are mainly interested to get the content of a website as soon as possible. So, if JavaScript and CSS are not placed external from the HTML coding of the website, then while the search engines go through the website, the crawling time gets slower due to the increase in additional lines of HTML codes.

12. Use Heading Tags properly

Heading tags shall be properly used in the web page content because they provide information about the structure of the HTML document to the search engines.

13. Image Alt attributes shall not be neglected

Alt attributes shall be used to describe the images so that the particular website shall be listed by search engines in image searches as well.

14. Images shall not be used to replace text

Search engines cannot views the contents of an image and therefore pages with images cannot be indexed by the search engines. So, it is beneficial to use text wherever possible.

15. Update pages with fresh content

Content of web pages shall be changed from time to time as it shows that the site is still alive and well and these things are liked by the search engines.

If all the above suggestions are combined and applied to a single website design project then the clients will be highly benefited from the search engine rankings. So, if SEO techniques are used from the very beginning for the development and designing of web pages, then surely the website will be a huge success.

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