MyBlogGuest: Making Guest Blogging Easier (Infographic)

My Blog Guest is a website that works by connecting guest posters who want to write for popular blogs with the people who own them. Rather than having the writer bid on projects by offering a rate, it is based on the win-win concept of guest blogging where content is offered for free in exchange for exposure.

You start by writing original articles and upload them to the article gallery.

The blog owners will start offering their sites to feature your articles. You can check out each website and decide if you want to accept or reject. Usually, there will be multiple offers you can choose from.

How Can I Track My Work?

This is usually a big concern for writers, as they wonder how they can keep track of what is posted where. Luckily, you can track the results through the site. You can see who has your post up and where it is being shared.

If your post is deleted or edited, you will get a message from the site alerting you. This is one of the more useful features of MyBlogGuest.

What About Other Media?

Recently, MBG has started an Infographics gallery. This works in the exact same way as the article gallery, but with visual data.

This is still a beta feature, so if you like it you should be sure to give some positive feedback.


Not too long ago, MyBlogGuest posted a collection of reviews from users who had tried out their service as well as video tutorials that explain how it work (from the users’ perspective).

If you want to expand your visibility, I would hop onto this site and give it a shot. Even if you only do a post once a month, you are getting your name out there.


You can download this infographic in various layouts as well as read the history of the project here.

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