Top 10 New Magazine WordPress Formats

Many companies are embracing the e-commerce platform. As such kind of internet marketing that was being done before has evolved to sophisticated levels. The WordPress has evolved to Content Management Systems hence; there are many themes geared to achieving this goal. The magazine themes have grown in popularity to their ability to manage content with ease. Some of these magazines, Word Press themes are paid for while, there are numerous that can be found on the internet for free. This article will show you some of the top ten free magazine word press themes available.

Art Full Theme


This is one of the most used magazine word press themes. It features fluid columns organized in a magazine format. It includes a customizable homepage, which shows the latest posts and the desired features at the homepage.

The Options WordPress Theme


The second word press theme that I will look at is the Option Theme. It has two different style sheets: one dark and the other light. The home page contains 5 sections and from the theme option, you can choose 14 other different options.

The Structure Theme


This theme has customizable home page and contains built-in image and video features that are also customizable. Further, this theme allows you to place contents blocks anywhere on the page. It provides a very unique way of managing your internet content.

The Visionary Magazine WordPress Format


It has a customized front page that makes your content look like news on a magazine site. It also has a sidebar navigation tab that is customizable using the jQuery script. Further, this word press can be connected with the YouTube, Metacafe Video and Google Video. With valid XHTML, these features can be easily utilized on this word press.

The Morning after WordPress Theme


The morning after theme is new three column homepage that has customizable header image or text. It a “featured” feature which highlights and associates images or thumbnails with the recent posts.

The IndoMagz WordPress Theme


This amazing magazine like theme has customizable homepage with an embedded gallery format category. Further, this new word press theme has a customizable archive page.

The Mimbo Magazine WordPress Theme


Mimbo magazine theme has a clean starter that is grid-based many it easy to use for any designer. It has no images and only has little CSS styling. This is an easy word press format to use for anyone who is starting on word press.

The Grid Focus WordPress Theme


The Grid Focus Theme has three columns on the homepage. It has conveniently placed navigation bars at the top and bottom of each page. The archives category is presented through a JavaScript which is at the top.

The Massive News Theme


This word press theme has a fully automated premium feature. It enables the editing of articles, images, links, and descriptions through its Massive News panel.

The Zeke WordPress Theme


This  is a classic three column widget ready theme which is developed to work well with wordpress 2.2 versions and above.

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