Infographic: How to Make Money Websites

Overall, the infographic is an informative picture. The information is presented well and with a unique and inviting look. This infographic is reminiscent of a tag cloud on a website, which means it takes a moment to find what is needed. The information presented is really on a grid split in to four quarters with each quarter representing a way to make money online.

There is a lot of information presented and you’ll need to download it fullsize to see the author’s comments. According to the author (@JulianaPayson on Twitter) the color code or size of dot is to represent the authority of each of the websites. I’m guessing that might be subjective according to different SEO factors.

The highlights of the infographic are the blogging and Freelance/Entrepreneur sections. The focus is on writing and that is what mainly interests me. The lists of websites on the left side of the infographic are what draw my eye, though I will go through every URL an see what the websites offer.

The websites presented on this infographic become another tool in my online money-making toolbox. These do help because I haven’t heard of these websites before, therefore the sites help broaden my education. Education always leads to more earning potential and bringing in more money as a freelancer. Any knowledge is worth exploring in this economy.

The glossary is a good run down of what the various sites mentioned in the first infographic are about. I like the fact there is a description of the sites before I visit them, which helps me decide if I want to go to the sites or not. The glossary is alphabetical, but I wonder if it should be presented in a similar manner to the original infographic, with each site associated with a way to make money.


Have provided us the use of this make money websites infographic under The Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). This means it’s free to download and use, as long as author attribution is given to the web hosting company

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