23 Remarkable Cross-Browser Testing Tools And Services

Cross-browser testing plays a vital role in any developer’s life, it makes sure that the website you are designing shows correctly in all major browsers. Finding and fixing problems in the website can be difficult and a total wastage of time if you’re not equipped with the right tools. Hope you will like the list, let me know your favorite ones and don’t forget to subscribe to the feed if you would like to be informed for the latest posts.

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1. Adobe BrowserLab

2. BrowserShots

3. BrowserCam

4. BrowserCamp

5. Cross Browser Testing

6. ieCapture/url2png

7. SuperPreview

  1. Litmus

9. IETester

10. netrenderer

11. Spoon Browsers Sandbox

12. Mogotest

13. Browserseal

14.  Browser Photo

15. Browsera

16. Cloud Testing

17. DotMobi

18. Browserling

19. Multi Browser Viewer

20. Lunascape triple engine browser 


21. iPhoney Simulator

22. Browser Screenshots

23. MobiReady

3 thoughts on “23 Remarkable Cross-Browser Testing Tools And Services

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  2. Nice list, seems you forgot about TestingBot.com though. They offer automated cross browser testing: you make one test and they’ll run it across different browsers.

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