Getting Creative with CSS3


Website designers know the importance of CSS application that can transform any drab looking website into an attractive and secure one. CSS has now come up with an upgraded version- the CSS3 that can be used to organize the layout and style of the web page. CSS3 comes with a treasure trove of exciting new features and capabilities to make your website look more appealing.

Here are some of the exciting capabilities of CSS3:

Easy and User-friendly

The capabilities of CSS3 can be used in an effective way in design and development of a website. The primary objective of CSS3 is to make web designing easy and user friendly. Therefore, major complications from the earlier version of CSS have been removed for facile operability. The new changes brought about in CSS3 need to be seen to be believed. It makes sure that a web page now appears exactly the way a web developer had envisaged and designed. Moreover, using CSS3 can add great speed to the processing of the website.

Cleaner HTML Codes

One of the major advantages is that CSS3 is capable of giving better search engine results. The HTML code becomes much cleaner, resulting in easing the load off the search engine crawler. The real content can be located easily and you can put any content in any corner of your website, irrespective of the number of pages in your website. This has made web designing much more simplified, since you can apply styles to your entire website from the same CSS3 files.

Light Coding and Faster Loading

Another plus from the CSS3 series is the light weight coding. Website development has become a child’s play even for a novice who can now use CSS2 codes and make the website lighter and load faster. CSS3 does away with the table layout format due to which the site requires lesser memory and a faster loading.

Better Control Over Website

Website designing makes it essential for you to validate the site in all formats of the browsers. By using CSS3, you can gain better control over your website by incorporating more compatible style elements. Fonts, line heights and formatting become much easier and faster. Developers having certain disabilities can use the CSS3 to design a website. Additional functionalities such as crafting specific CSS files for printing and for mobile devices have been made available on the CSS3 platform. Thus websites can be made compatible with all applications supporting multimedia.

Individual Modifications

With the advent of CSS3, changes and modifications can be now made in individual and isolated modules. The CSS3 format allows developers to segregate structures from presentation. In doing so, you separate the presentational characteristics in style sheets and define document structures in a separate heading. This simplifies the maintenance of a web page and increases efficiency and comfort of developing a website. Thus, with the new CSS3, website designers have a lot of more liberty in developing web pages.

The new CSS3 is such a complete package in website designing, that once you use it, you get hooked to it. The old style sheets tag now seems to be a thing of the past. CSS3 has come and conquered the style sheet arena with a big bang.

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