Choosing a Hosting Company: What to Know

There is no dearth of companies that offer web hosting service. So, it becomes equally crucial, for you, to find the right web host that suits every of your requirement. As it seems it isn’t that easy as it sounds, when it comes to searching for the desired web host. A little knowledge can go a long way and will help in making the right decision. So here are few things that should be learned before even thinking of signing a contract deal with any web hosting company.

The Cheaper Option – Shared Hosting

It is exactly what the name suggests! Here, several websites are hosted on a single server, and all the resources like bandwidth, processing are shared between these websites. The reason why it’s cheap is because such hosting doesn’t require a lot of servers, and also the maintenance required for the up keep of these servers is also drastically reduced. So those companies who offer shared web hosting, usually offers the service at a fairly reasonable price point. Owing to lot of disadvantages of shared web hosting, it isn’t recommended for everyone. The main issue is of low bandwidth. So only those business or individuals who want to own a low profile site, with not much traffic or activity, shared web hosting is a viable option.

The More Secure Option – Dedicated Hosting

Most (NOT all) successful website’s are hosted using dedicated web hosting services. Such sites are allocated with a single, dedicated server that provides all the necessary requirements for a smooth functioning of the site. These servers are capable to handle the demand of traffic flow, as & when required. Dedicated web hosting is much secure than a conventional shared web hosting, and it being expensive the service provider make sure to take care of every possible aspect for the smooth functioning of the site. Sometime the website may face errors due to technical glitches, but here web host company will manage & eliminate it, as they are the ones who are solely responsible for the maintenance of the site. This saves a lot of worries for the person or business who owns the website/s. As previously said, dedicated web hosting is expensive. And it should only be opted if the website requires a secure environment, or the website handles a huge flow of traffic on a daily basis.

The Middle of the Road – VPS Hosting

Every other thing in life has a top, the bottom & the middle part. So is true for web hosting. There are three kind of web hosting that can be done, which can be categories according to the cost that is involved, namely Dedicated Hosting, which is expensive. Shared hosting, which is least expensive but insecure. And the last one, the middle is Virtual Private Server hosting. VPS hosting as it is commonly known paves the way for efficient cost saving, reliable & secure web hosting. It is type of virtual web hosting, done on a real physical server. The server has all the vital elements of a physical server, like the RAM, processor & its own bandwidth allocation. The virtual server requires little to no maintenance, and is easy to be taken care of. This is the reason why VPS hosting is cost effective, for both the provider and the end user. It is also secure and comes with its own customer support, provided by the web host company. This web hosting is middle of the road solution and is equally recommended for anyone who wants to save cost or is willing to pay a little extra for web hosting services.

Environmentally Friendly – Green Hosting

Green Hosting isn’t exactly a web hosting solution, in politically correct terms. It is done mainly to reduce carbon footprint, which is a real and troubling issue from more or less every web host company. Every server that consumes power releases a little amount of green house gases, which multiply as the servers are increases. The more processing any server does, the more emission it is entitled to. Companies and environmental technologist are offering different methods, and server solutions to reduce the emission to a bare minimum. This is Green Hosting, and shared or virtual hosting is one common part in such hosting. By no means is green hosting cheap or secure. But if you want to care for the environment, this is the best type of hosting that you can opt for your website.

“Supply and Demand” Hosting – Cloud Computing

Consider any website & it is bound to face constant fluctuation in demand. One is higher flow of traffic that demands a much wider bandwidth, secondly is the demand for utilizing space and resources. The demands usually vary from site to site, and to meet them is not possible every single time. Some web host companies never even offer such flexibility in hosting. One such prime example is cloud computing. It is still in its development stage but the future for cloud computing is bright. Currently though it is very much expensive preposition for hosting websites.

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  3. This is definitely not the sole thing that you need to know. You shouldn’t care about shared / vps / dedicate or cloud in detriment of reliability, professionalism and customer service. That’s what matters most. If you go for a VPS but your host cannot maintain it properly or let you know that you’ll soon need a dedicated you’re up for some big surprises!

  4. Oh, the landing page after comment submission is really bad whatever angle you’re looking at it. If you decided to go with that bad idea that has minimum rss feed / twitter conversion rate at least make a valid go back button!

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  15. Some good info to first consider, but as Walter mentioned you really to consider your needs first and then find a reliable hosting service that has awesome customer service.

    There are so many hosting companies now that you would be a fool to go with one that lacks customer service. Also many people overlook how customer service of the host is relevant to you seo efforts.

    Poor customer service = site down longer = possibility of site being indexed when down.

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