7 Web Based Tools To Check Broken Links

Broken links in websites is a very bad for a healthy websites, one should always check there links regularly, here is a list of 7 tools to check broken links.

1. W3C Link Checker

w3c linkchecker

This Link Checker looks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects in a Web page, or recursively on a whole Web site.

2. Broken Link Checker from iWebTool

broken link

This is a simple and easy to use broken link checker from iWebTool. There is a simple tutorial on how to use this tool. iWebTool has a lot of tools for webmasters, including some SEO tools which i think worth a look if you have time.

3. Broken Link Checker from AddMe.com


In order to use this service, you need to provide them your email address and categories of your website. Enter your URL and other necessary details, they will analyze your website for broken links and then send you a link for the completed report.

4. LinkTiger


LinkTiger provides advanced link checking features such as email you when the broken links are found and has a dashboard with interactive interface. It manages to scan PDF, CSS, Flash and MS Office files for broken links too.

5. Xenu Link Sleuth


This tool is used to locate a website’s broken links so that webmasters can fix the issue to enhance the usability aspect. It has a simple user-interface and has the ability to re-check broken links. Besides checking broken links, this tool also checks image paths, external CSS, external JavaScript etc.

6. Submit Express


Submit Express is another broken link checker tool that helps to locate tricky links for better usability of the website. The outgoing link on your web page can be checked using this tool as well.

7. Word Press broken link Plugin

wordpress brokenlinke checker

WordPress broken link plugin checks various forms of content, like posts, comments etc to find broken links and misplaced images. It will keep track of a specified blog to locate broken links.

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