6 Most Trusted Web-Based Apps to Make Business Owners More Cost-Effective

Various web apps are really popular these days. They offer impeccable utility features to the users and get the entire work done in a very easy, time efficient and amusing way. Today the users are comfortable with a lot of web apps and find them really easy to use and work on with. Besides, these web apps are really easy to use and offer compatibility with multiple platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows etc.

Below we have discussed various web based apps, and have arranged them on the basis of the purpose they solve. You will be able to find web apps which can be used for various core business purposes. Have a look to know more.

1. Finance Management

For the business house, finances are crucial. It is essential to keep a track of where exactly money is going and also to calculate the returns on the same. Financial management is the necessity of the business organization in order to optimize the use of resources and gain the maximum output from the same.


Invoicera: Invoicera is amongst the market leaders when it comes to providing easier online invoicing platform. The user interface of Invoicera is pretty much self explanatory and very easy to understand. Besides, it comes with lucrative features like multiple pay meant gateways – it supports up to 20 payment gateways and also multiple language and currency support.

Invoicera can be used for keeping a track of the expenses, and the time being spent on various client activities, along with letting you send customized invoices, generate reports and keep a track of your entire business and its complex financial nature.

2. Presentations

When it comes to effective presentations, believe in the old human adage – first impression is the last impression. These presentations play a crucial role in getting the point across and discussing various concepts, business ideas, problems and issues and also play an important role in the employee induction session, training and development sessions and a lot more. When it comes to designing and showing the apt presentation, we have an adequate app for you – Animoto.


Animoto: Animoto is an app which helps towards converting the pictures and videos of the users into the imaginary mode and animate the same in order to form a thorough trailer in the form of the video. It helps in making the presentations really simple and effective. It can also include the visual effect on a wider screen format, which are well accompanied by music effects.

3. Bookmarking

Bookmarking applications provides the users a very easy and comforting web browsing experience. It allows the users to hit which ever sites and apps that are their favorites. The tools meant for bookmarking is:


Historious: Historious is quite an apt name for this application, as it allows the users to create their own personal search engines. The search engine contains all the links and also the content of the site. It helps bookmarking the site with a single click and users can look out for the same by looking for any single word from the entire content of the page.

4. Coding

What coding does is that it reveals the internal view of the website to it users. It also provides various coding tools, which allow the users to write their own codes in the web browser.


GitHub: GitHub is the center of all of the rest of web tools which assembles all of the codes and helps in creating the best programming tools in the virtual world.

5. Communications

Communication is the back bone for any business to grow and develop efficiently. These app goes a long way in ensuring easy and effective communication between the business and the various market forces.


Campfire: Campfire as an application for effective communication is very easy to use. It provides the users easy and comfortable ways to talk to fellow team members, easily over the internet. Besides, to further simplify the experience, this app also provides the drag and drop capabilities to the users.

6. Websites

It is now a necessity to own a website. The entire business is represented with the help of the website and it plays a significant role in marketing the business aptly. With the help of Website apps, one can create fully functional websites easily. The best app for website design and development is:


WordPress: WordPress is perhaps the best bet when it comes to developing the website. It is an award winning open source content management system. It is both user friendly, search engine friendly and really scalable. With the proper utilization of WordPress plugins, you can avail your self a website which is feature and fully functional and works efficiently in the virtual world.

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  1. Pretty comprehensive list, may I add another tool that I’ve been using for a while? Following your idea of being cost effective, I’m using http://www.paymo.biz to keep track of everything I’m working on. Hope this helps.

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