5 Ways to Use a Blog for Your Company

Blogging has been at its full prime for quite some time. Many analysts had believed that it will be a passing phase, but at this moment, nothing can be further from the truth. Businesses big and small use blogs as a way of promoting their products and services. Blogging to promote a company does not necessarily require acing literature at university, it means sharing your experiences and expertise in a way that will be useful to the readers and along the way will promote your business. Following are some ways how you can promote your company through an active blogging.

1. Tutorials

The basic point of a blog is to allow prospective customers to find you online. By writing How-To blogs, you will be attracting people to visit your page and find answers and solutions within. Most of the research in general is done online ranging from simple topics like “how to get rid of a headache” to more complex ones like through researches and dissertations. So promote your products or services by writing about topics which are relevant to your business.

2. Visually Appealing

In the times of Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, people are looking for posts which are easy on the eye. So make sure that your blog is supported with pictures or videos to attract more visitors and to retain them. Make sure that the text is the right size and font. However, don’t overdo it as you might run the risk of making your blog look gimmicky and too unprofessional.

3. Originality

Try to be original, direct, and to the point. Let your personality flow, and talk about personal experiences. A blog is not a direct promotion of your business, so make sure that you don’t use it to praise your product and your product alone. As it will bore the readers and they will not be much interested in your posts. Also, use the appropriate keywords for SEO optimization, as that is how your blog will turn up on search engines.

4. Link to Other Social Networking Sites

Link your blog to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. as that it what will generate more traffic. Making your blog available on all forums will enable you to attract prospective customers from different networking sites, who otherwise may not be following your blog. Also add plug-ins to your blog so that people can like or share your content.

5. Consistent

Be consistent with your blogs to create a loyal readership. It does not however mean posting regularly or too many posts at the same time, as this will tire your readers. Post informative and relevant material once or twice a week and that should do the trick. Try to be interactive and ask questions and opinions of your readers and then respond to them cordially, as this will let them know that you respect and value their opinions.

Blogging is a lot of fun and can provide a great platform for you to promote your business and interact with your customers. More and more businesses and even CEO’s are turning towards blogging as a means to cater to their clients, and have succeeded and profited by doing so.

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