CSS Cursor

css cursor

The css cursor property specifies the type of cursor to be displayed when the mouse pointer is over an element. In CSS3, 15 new cursor styles were added. Below you can see preview of each css cursor style by hovering over the div, try it now.

  • cursor: alias
  • cursor: all-scroll
  • cursor: cell
  • cursor: context-menu
  • cursor: col-resize
  • cursor: copy
  • cursor: crosshair
  • cursor: default
  • cursor: e-resize
  • cursor: ew-resize
  • cursor: grab
  • cursor: grabbing
  • cursor: help
  • cursor: move
  • cursor: n-resize
  • cursor: ne-resize
  • cursor: nesw-resize
  • cursor: ns-resize
  • cursor: nwse-resize
  • cursor: no-drop
  • cursor: none
  • cursor: not-allowed
  • cursor: pointer
  • cursor: progress
  • cursor: row-resize
  • cursor: s-resize
  • cursor: se-resize
  • cursor: sw-resize
  • cursor: text
  • cursor: vertical-text
  • cursor: w-resize
  • cursor: wait
  • cursor: zoom-in
  • cursor: zoom-out

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