6 Infographics That Tells You About Web Hosting Industry

Do you know where and how are your website data files such as CSS, Html and images are stored and how it is served for the users? If you Google those information’s you can see a hundreds of article explaining about hosting and other related stuffs, but learning through infographics will be better understandable than explained by thousands of words. Am I right?

Learn about the web hosting industry in a very clean and neatly designed infographics.

1. Where does your website live?

This infographics create by inmotion hosting which clearly explains about the different types of hosting and how it is differentiated from other hosting by its nature.

Where does you website live?

2. The limits of Unlimited Hosting

Generally hosting companies claim that they can give you unlimited hosting, bandwidth, server space etc., but the truth is different. Whether it’s possible to give all those things unlimited? It’s a pure business trick to attract customers but in real no one can give you unlimited offers. This infographics will tell you the exact numbers of your hosting account.

Limits of web hosting

3. Shared Hosting – Showdown

Shared hosting is the mostly used plan in all popular web hosting providers by the users and this infographics will showcase shared hosting pricing and features from different hosting providers.

Shared web hosting showdown

4. Hosting Decision, from the chalkboard

It’s common with people to get confused in choosing the right hosting plans for their business online and this chart will help them to make a wise decision.

Chalkboard webhosting

5. Evolution of Webhosting

This tiny piece of infographics narrates you the full history about how web hosting industry and how it evolves in times since 1991.

How web hosting industry evolved

6. Top 5 webhosting

Here are the rankings of web hosting companies based on ratings and reviews by the users of webhostinggeeks.com. Inmotion hosting leads the table with mammoth 848 user reviews and ratings.

Top web hosting companies

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