Web Design Pitfalls To Avoid

You may have realized as you visit online websites that some have no appeal; they are uninviting. Web design is not difficult but there are some owners of websites who have failed to make their websites attractive. Every website owner wants to keep visitors coming back to the site. You therefore need a website that is user friendly. A website that is not properly designed will result in low or no traffic.

If you want your website to achieve success here are 6 pitfalls you need to avoid. Remember a website’s appeal is all in the design.

Pitfall #1 – Poor Navigation

It’s easy to kill your website when you provide poor navigation. Once visitors find it difficult to navigate your site easily, they will lose interest and move on to another site. It is paramount then, that your web design offers good navigation to ensure visitors will want to stay and return. Yes, navigation should be simple but is should also be effective. If you want to ensure a great web design then strive for navigation that is user friendly; it’s in your best interest.

Pitfall #2 – Confusing Visitors

It’s not to your advantage when visitors are confused as to where they have landed. Every page on your website must show visitors that they are on your website and where they are. Visitors sometimes will land on pages before getting to your homepage. You need to ensure that every page will lead directly back to your homepage.

Pitfall #3 – Long Pages

When working on web design try to avoid pages that take a very long time to scroll. Most users will definitely get bored and move on since they seem not able to find anything worthwhile. Try dividing the pages if content is too long or provide content options at the top of the page to simplify the navigation process through a lengthy page.

Pitfall #4 – Delayed Download Times

We live in a society where patience is not a virtue anymore. People are always in a hurry and want information quickly. If your website was designed with a slow download time, then you will run into financial mire. A website that takes what seems like ages to download will not help, because visitors will move on as quickly as they came. It is imperative, therefore that your web design includes quick download times. How do you do this? Limit the number of images and minimize the size of image files on every page.

Pitfall #5 – Too Many Ads

Advertisements are of great benefit but you need to remember that this is not the reason why visitors visit your website. While advertisements are essential, your main focus is your content. If you want to achieve good web design, try balancing both advertisements and content on your pages.

Pitfall #6 – Outdated Information

When you keep the information updated on your website it will help generate the traffic you desire. This will require constant reviewing and updating and modifying so that people are kept abreast of the relevant information.

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