Is Using A Website Builder Right For Me?

When building a website is necessary, there are a number of different tools and methods that you could use. Some use programming languages such as HTML and CSS to create a site from scratch. Others rely on website builders and HTML editors to complete the process. If you are considering using a website builder, there are a number of factors that you will have to evaluate before moving forward.

How They Work

A website builder is a piece of software that is offered by many web hosting companies and individually. This type of software makes it possible for the average person to build a website simply by adding elements to the pages. Instead of starting from scratch and creating an HTML document, the website builder handles all of the difficult parts of the process.

Some website builders use a graphical interface in which the user simply points and clicks to add content to the page. These website builders work in much the same way as a word processor. They allow you to add content such as text, pictures, videos and other items. Instead of having to know how to integrate these items into the page with some type of code, you may be able to simply drag the item onto the page. Then the website builder creates the appropriate code for you so that a traditional Web browser can use it.
Other website builders require a different approach to the creation of a Web page. For example, some website builders allow you to build the page block by block. You simply add a block to the page and then choose what you would like to put into the block.


One of the primary advantages of using a website building tool is that it allows you to create a website without any formal training. Instead of having to worry about learning HTML, CSS or Javascript, you can simply use the tool. This makes it possible for the average person to create a website.

Another advantage of using this type of tool is that it makes it possible for you to avoid paying a website developer to create a site for you. Most web designers and developers charge thousands of dollars for their services. If you can avoid this charge by using a website building tool, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money.


Although this type of website building device is very easy to use, it does have a few limitations. Most website builders are limited in what they can do and only allow you to build very basic pages. If you have dreams of being able to create a completely custom layout or look and feel, you may be disappointed.

Another drawback is that it makes you dependent on the website building tool. If something happens to that tool you may not be able to continue building your website. This basically puts you at the mercy of the tool and the company that produced it.

Making the Decision

When trying to make this decision, you have to look at your own skills and what you actually need. If you have no idea how to use HTML or CSS, this may be the best option for you. If you have plenty of money to invest in your website project, it may be better to simply hire a web designer or developer. Then you’ll know that the job is done correctly.

If you are considering using a website builder, there are a number of factors that you will have to evaluate before moving forward. Reading website builder reviews is a great starting point in the process of choosing a website builder.

If you can take the time to learn Web development, it may provide you with more options for your site. Look at your own situation and then decide if a website builder is the right choice for you.

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