18 Useful Web Usability Testing Tools

There are many of tools around which allow website owners to test and try to identify problem areas on their websites. With these following usability tools you will easily test a website usability.


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Another in the usability tools that track where users click, ClickHeat provides an interesting display method of results via heatmaps. But unlike other usability tools, ClickHeat is a free OpenSource tool that can be deployed on your web server. This provides a major advantage, which is actual users will be providing the data that drives the click maps.

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Usabilla is a free (beta) unmoderated remote usability tool that enables researchers to collect feedback about a web page or image from users. In addition, Usabilla tracks where users click, which enables both click-tracking information to be captured, as well as qualitative data.Not only is click information provided, but researches can enable notes so that users can share information about their opinions such as why they clicked on a certain button, or what they expect to find next.

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IntuitionHQ is a simple, powerful online usability tool. It’s designed to help you see which parts of your design are working for users, and which parts aren’t. By running tests on your design work with real users as it’s in progress, you get instant feedback on where they’re succeeding and where they’re failing – information you can use to guide the next stage of design.

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Ethnio is not a data usability testing tool, instead it’s a tool usability folks can use to find and recruit real web site users for a live remote test.Ethnio works by adding some JavaScript code to the page you wish to do the recruiting on. It displays a survey which they call a screener to your web site visitors, asking them to participate in a brief usability test.

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6.Concept Feedback

Concept Feedback was and is designed as a way to gather input and feedback from experts about new designs for marketing or advertising purposes. However, this tool can be used by web site designers and usability researchers to gather information about potential new web site designs, or interfaces.

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GoToMeeting allows you to host an online meeting with up to 15 people so you can do more and travel less. Using our web conferencing tool, you can share any application on your computer in real time. Attendees join meetings in seconds.

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8.Loop 11

Loop11 is a unique usability testing tool in that it allows unmoderated remote usability testing using actual users. A researcher provides a simple task to a user, for example, finding a particular type of gift book for a relative on a book site, then tracking user interaction. The data is presented via reports of task completion rate, time on task, common fail pages, paths and a nice detailed path analysis for each users

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WhatUsersDo is a powerful new way to quickly and efficiently test, research, enhance and improve any aspect of your website, application or internet marketing.

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ClickTale is a paid hosted service that tracks user keystrokes, mouse clicks and moves and the time it takes for users to move around a web page.

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CrazyEgg is a popular click tracking usability tool which has the ability to display a large number of interesting data based on clicks. These data displays include heatmaps of the more popular locations of clicks on a page, lists and overlays.

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Morae is a complete suite of usability testing tools for the Windows OS (a Mac version of Morae is not available), including a Recorder module which captures all user interaction (including voice, video, keystrokes, mouse movements, screen action, etc.), an Observer module for displaying sessions to remove observers, and the Manager module which is used to analyze, edit and package the resulting usability test.

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Navflow helps you improve your conversion rates by analysing how people navigate around your websites and applications.

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Silverback is a Mac-based software tool that enables the recording, analysis, editing and playback of usability testing sessions.

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15.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an easy to use, free, and very handy usability testing tool that provides a comprehensive set of web site data tracking and analysis tools. Usability researchers seeking to understand usage information for a web site can use the reports to identify behavior, trends, and any red-flag issues. Data includes user sessions, visits, page views and much more.

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16.Website Grader

Website Grader is a free and handy SEO usability tool that can help researchers identify issues in a web site that might need to be addressed. Website Grader analyzes 22 key indicators of SEO success, including on-page and off-page factors.

Web Usability Testing Tool-websitegrader

17.Five Second Test

Five Second Test is a tool that enables researchers to upload images and have people provide feedback about the image but the people seeing the image are only provide 5 seconds to take in the image.

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18.Google Website Optimizer

Google Website Optimizer is a free A/B and Multivariate testing tool that enables usability testing of various what if scenarios.

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