16 Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress

In this post I’d like to share 16 Awesome Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress. Twitter is one the most popular social media sites which can be very useful with the following plugins for WordPress.

1. TwitPic

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-twitpic

This plugin displays your latest pictures from TwitPic in the sidebar of your blog.

2. Tweet Old Post

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweetpost

Tweet Old Posts randomly picks your older post based on the interval specified by you. The primary use of this plugin is to promote older blog posts by tweeting about them and getting more traffic.

3. TwitterCounter

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweetcounter

Using this plugin, you can integrate TwitterCounter.com badges on your blog that show the number of followers you have on Twitter.

4. Twitter Tools

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweetertools

Twitter Tools is a useful WordPress plugins with several functions. If you have a Twitter account, these plugins tools directly twits the content to the relevant account. Twitter Tools is uniquely different from other Twitter plugins for WordPress. It uses a certain application to cut the URL’s short, add a hash tags and to post a regular and weekly updates of what other twits on your blogs and contents.

5. Twitter Feed for WordPress

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweeterfeeds

The WordPress Twitter Feed Plugin lets you simply output any user’s tweets into your WordPress page, template or sidebar. You can customize the username, number of tweets, and style of output.

6. TwitterLink Comments

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-twitterlinkcomments

This plugin will add an extra field to your comment form so a user can add their Twitter username. A user configured “follow me” link is then displayed along with their details on all their comments.

7. WP to Twitter

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-wptotwitter

The WP-to-Twitter plugin posts a Twitter status update from your WordPress blog using your selected URL shortening service to provide a link back to your post from Twitter.

8. Tweetable

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweetable

9. Tweet Blender

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweeterfeeds

Provides several Twitter widgets: show your own tweets, show tweets relevant to post’s tags, show tweets for Twitter lists, show tweets for hashtags and more.

10. Simple Twitter Connect

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweetterconnect

Simple Twitter Connect is a series of plugins that let you add any sort of Twitter functionality you like to a WordPress blog. This lets you have an integrated site without a lot of coding, and still letting you customize it exactly the way you’d like.

11. HL Twitter

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-hltwitter

HL Twitter lets you display your tweets as a widget in your sidebar or even browse your entire Twitter history right on your blog. But it also does a whole lot more. You can track multiple Twitter accounts and store all of the tweets on your blog indefinitely (currently Twitter only keep your 3,200 most recent tweets) as well as pulling in any tweets that you reply to for future reference

12. Topsy Retweet Button

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-retweetbutton

Provides a Twitter retweet button for your posts that shows all tweets, enables retweeting, and adds tweets as comments.

13. Twitter Goodies

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-twittergoodies

Official Tweet Button + Twitter Goodies Profile & Search Widget. Plugin shows your tweets on Page/Post/Widget area.

14. Twitter Fans

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-twitterfans

Twitter Fans lets you display your twitter followers in the sidebar as a widget just like Facebook’s fan widget in appearance.

15. Twitter Blackbird Pie

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-twitterblackbirdpie

Add awesome looking embedded HTML representations of actual tweets in your blog posts just by adding simple shortcodes.

16. TweetMeme Button

Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress-tweettermemebutton

Easily allows your blog post or page to be retweeted. It provides a live count of how many times your post/page has been retweeted throughout Twitter.

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