Top 5 Most Popular Sites Of 2012

Top 5 Most Popular Sites of 2012 That Save Our Time and Money, and Keep Us Entertained

I think it’s pointless to put together a list of the top most visited websites, as we all know them very well. These include Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and other online powerhouses that we can’t live a day without checking. We all use them on a regular basis and they have surely become a huge part of our routine browsing. That’s why I would rather dwell upon the web services that gradually attract more and more users all over the world and are expected to become TOP websites very soon.

Thus, below I have gathered TOP 5 Most Popular Websites that keep us informed and entertained, as well as help save our time and money, or even change our lives. So, the most significant breakthroughs of the past year were:

#1 Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the websites I recommend you keep an eye on. It is a new social network that is designed in the form of a virtual pinboard where you can ‘pin’ whatever grabs your attention. Besides ‘pinning’ visual objects you can take part in a brief Twitter-like conversations just below them. Pinterest design is the elegance at its finest. It has a very simple navigation, and is very handy in keeping all your posts organized. Pinterest is especially popular with women.

The most popular categories used there are travel, food, cars, humor, home design, fashion, art and sports. This social network is also very popular with teachers and students, as it helps planning lessons (especially when it comes to organizing sources and collaborating on projects).

#2 Kickstarter


I can’t help but mention this great web project. It is a real godsend for those who have great, creative ideas, but lack funds to implement them. With Kickstarter it is possible to make your dream come true (of course, just in case you have a unique concept that can make people donate a couple of dollars). This crowd-funding website is primarily aimed to help filmmakers, musicians, photographers, designers and other artists. Each project must fall into one of the thirteen creative categories. So, if you’re an avid art fanatic, or an artist – don’t hesitate to check out this project.

#3 Quora


Quora is a new question-and-answer website co-founded by two former Facebook employees. This web resource is completely organized and edited by the community of its users. On this platform visitors can ask, answer and vote for the best answers. Because the question-and-answer websites are nothing new, Quora founders decided to broaden the functionality and attractiveness of their website by involving celebrities and industry professionals into the Quora discussions.

#4 Switchcam


The main target of this excellent web resource is to help users create awesome videos from different angles. It helps find records of the same event filmed by different people. Switchcam allows you to watch events from the multiple perspectives with zero editing. It is especially popular with musicians, and many famous celebrities use this resource to make their video compilations.

#5 uCoz


This website differs from the aforementioned projects in that it can serve as a platform for such projects! uCoz is a website builder that allows you to create practically any kind of a website in a matter of minutes. It is primarily oriented on non-techies, and doesn’t require any professional sitebuilding experience. uCoz-powered websites have a professional look and excellent functionality. This platform can be used both for entertainment and business. What’s more, it has a completely free version, that you can try anytime.


I think that all these websites are worth your attention. As for me, they are truly useful, unique, fun and enthralling. With their help you’re able to create a full-fledged, dynamic website, find answers to topical questions, create awesome videos, embody your dreams and share your preferences. Isn’t it amazing? If you have already done at least one of these actions, don’t hesitate to share your experience in the form a comment 😉

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