7 Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover

Facebook timeline covers are too mainstream these days, everyone’s showing there creativity thru it. Today we’ve showcased 7 web based tools to create facebook timeline covers.

1. Face it Pages

FaceItPages a facebook marketing support services that are popular. This service is actually a paid service and can be used to create a Facebook Fans Page, Fans Gate, Promo / Coupon, Blog Feeds, etc.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-faceitpages

2. Timeline Cover Banner

Timeline cover banner is one of the best online tools to make a free Facebook timeline cover. If you are wondering what makes this online maker one of the best, the generated timeline cover background doesn’t have any watermark. The user interface of the tool is quite easy to learn so it won’t be a problem for many how to use it. You can either make a background from scratch or upload your own photo. They also have a background gallery where you can find different beautiful timeline cover backgrounds.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-timelinecoverbanner

3. CoverCanvas

Cover Canvas provides three key features for designing the cover of the timeline. First, you can create a cover photo timeline of the combination you have. Second, you can make the cover of the timeline by using the text in your name. Third, you can make the cover of the timeline of a combination of photo and your name.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-thesiteconvas

4. Cover Photo Magic

Cover Photo Magic allows Facebook users to make their custom timeline cover in two easy steps. This Facebook application has ready-to-go templates in different categories such as desktop, fashion, multi frame and more.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-coverphotomagic

5. Pic Scatter

Scatter pic cover creator is a service that will make the cover of the timeline of the photos in your Facebook account. The photos can be derived from the photo album, photos of friends, and the photos you like. The photos will be displayed as a collection of photographs that are scattered
Pic Scatter provides a gray scale effects for free. While other effects such as sepia, vintage, pink, glow, etc. can only be used by users Pic Scatter premium only. In addition, there will be a watermark “made with picscatter.com” on the cover that is made ​​for free.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-picscatter

6. My FB Covers

My FB Covers, a Facebook timeline cover maker, offers a lot of customizing options with their tool. The basic feature of the tools is the capabilities of enlarging, rotating, or flipping your image depends on your taste. You can also unlock the premium Facebook cover features such as different photo effects like Sepia, black and white, emboss and sketch.All you have to do is to share the tool to your Facebook friends.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-myfbcover

7. The Timeline Covers

The site canvas tool gives you a lot of possibilities in your Facebook timeline cover. You can either choose with the following custom cover; your name, your photo or your photos together with your name. You can also choose from their static covers available in different categories.

Tools to Create Free Facebook Timeline Cover-timelinecovers

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