Tips to Select the Right Web Host for Your WordPress Blog

You have an ingenious idea for your new website. Maybe you want to start a charity, an online business, an outlet to express your thoughts or one of the many other reasons people decide to reach out to the entire online community. You have also taken a look at the variety of available databases and found that WordPress is user friendly and easily navigable. So you are now faced with the task of finding the right host for your WordPress site.

However, the Internet is saturated with numerous website hosts throughout the world. While it is difficult to figure out where your money, energy and time is best spent, they are best invested in a web host that will allow you to cultivate a longstanding business relationship. If you are at a loss as to go about finding the right host for your WordPress website, there are five factors to take into consideration before making your final choice.


The price of web hosting will vary depending on the company. While some hosts charge hundreds of dollars for a long-term commitment, other hosts only charge a low monthly fee as well as discounts for signing up for 1-3 years of service.

The answer to finding the best WordPress website host is by using your research skills. Instead of choosing the first hosting provider you find, take some time to research and compare. This rule of thumb is no different than the one applied to new businesses and cars. Be sure you can afford the price of service.


After you find a reasonably priced website host, spend some time looking around the provider’s website in order to determine if their user features are easy to navigate. For instance, ensure that you have easy access to the control panel in order to edit your WordPress site when necessary.

There are some host-provided programs that will guide you through each step you need to complete so you can update your website’s content or install essential upgrades. However, other website hosts leave you to learn the process by yourself. You may need to pay for professional assistance unless you personally know someone who is a programmer and if you pay for additional services, your WordPress database is not user-friendly.

Top-Notch Technical Support

Seasoned website owners who know how to choose the right host for WordPress sites will not hesitate to inform you that on-point technical support is vital. Even if a site host gives their customers all the latest tools for making a fantastic website, you will have a major issue if you are unable to contact a live agent when you need to ask a question.

The majority of WordPress hosts request that customers send a support ticket in order to get a response. In this case, all you can do is hope that you will get a quick, accurate and helpful response once someone reads your message. But if their server runs into a glitch or another problem and your site is not online, what can you do to get a same-day fix? Without excellent technical support, you run the risk of losing regular readers or business.

Top-notch hosts give their customers a telephone number or online chat application for emergency purposes. These website hosts know that when their customers’ website thrives, they thrive.

Learning Tutorials

A good WordPress site host will offer their do-it-yourself customers a variety of learning tutorials. Although WordPress is known for being a use-friendly database, new users tend to have many questions. Learning tutorials provide answers to commonly asked questions so their customers can get their sites online as quickly as possible.

Answered questions and topics range from installing new themes to creating a homepage. Adventurous customers who have CSS or HTML experience may gain information from adding professional pictures to headers to changing a theme’s font settings if those options are not already available.

Website Creation Services

For anyone who does not wish to use the learning tutorials or figure out how to make their own website using WordPress, an excellent web host provider will have services that will help you get your website operational fairly quick.

Customers will be able to instruct their website host as to the exact details they want included as well as the website’s main purpose instead of pouring over the details themselves. Common questions asked by programmers include topics regarding the layout and colors. As a matter of fact, the programmer may offer helpful suggestions that will make the website work per the customer’s specifications. Once the collaboration is complete, all you need is sit back and watch your website come to life.

Now that you have learned how to choose the right host for your WordPress site, you can begin your research. After you have gathered all necessary information, you can pick the host that best suits your professional and personal needs. You will soon have the website you have always wanted.

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