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They believed there should be a solution to help speed up the process of hiring a designer to create the site, handing it over the developer and then going back and forth until it is finished. The entire process was slow, cumbersome and cost too much. It threw designers into the corner as they only received 30% of the total amount of the final budget and 70% of the budget was pocketed by developers. It also prevented direct communication between the designers and their clients, creating a barrier in the design.

The determined designers were on a mission to change this. It took the team several years and endless days and nights to develop this revolutionary platform, the wait was worthwhile as they introduced Webydo to professional web designers.

Webydo is changing the way websites are created. Webydo puts designers in the driver’s seat and allowing them to create pixel perfect websites with familiar features, completely code-free.


Designers can now design beautiful websites without having to rely on the skills of developers. Webydo is not another website creator for beginners and you will not see amateurs using their sophisticated design studio. This is an online design studio targeted at designers and enabling them to create websites with pixel by pixel accuracy and putting all thoughts of coding aside so they can focus on their website design.

Below I’ll discuss some of the important features that make Webydo one of the leading B2b website design platforms.

Code free design

The algorithm on which Webydo runs was created by a group of skilled mathematicians. This algorithm enables designers to create websites in the front, while the system continuously is generating an HTML code in the back. So the system will do the job of the developers, while you focus on the task at hand.

The professional online software resembles the traditional photo editing programs so that the designer will feel at home when they start to use Webydo. The designer can thus, use the software as they would have used (say) Photoshop to design the graphics of the website. Webydo was created by designers and for designers, which is why it is so intuitive for them to pick up.


Then when the design is completed, Webydo will automatically supply you with an updated HTML code and a Content Management System for your client. Within the CMS, site owners have the option to set site permissions and lock the design elements so contributors will not tamper with the construction of the overall website, but can still edit, update or change text, video, etc.


Cross platform code

The HTML code generated by the system offers cross platform possibilities. This means when your client will take that code and submit it on a webhost so that the website goes live, they won’t have to worry about different devices or browsers.

You see there are dozens of different permutations and combinations possible. A person using an iPhone can visit your site through Chrome, a person using an Android can visit through Opera, a laptop user may try Firefox, and there are numerous possible combinations. In addition, there are no extra steps required when a designers wishes to create a responsive website, since it happens automatically.

Webydo ensures that the website will look spectacular across all browsers and devices.


Professional Features

You can rebrand the Webydo system completely and make it your own by putting your brand identity in the front when you utilize the ‘Build Your Brand Feature’. You can insert your logo into your client’s login screen, in your dashboard, in your online design studio and on your client’s CMS. Make the system your own and build a strong business of web design.

Bill Your Client

You can generate all your bills and receipts from the Webydo dashboard itself. Thus you won’t need to depend on third party tools to create receipts.

Those of us who have multiple accounts know how difficult and cumbersome it can get to manage several accounts and how much time it can consume.

Webydo will help you save your time and energy, and you can use their Bill Your Client feature to generate bills for your clients.


Webydo is routinely being updated and adding more features based on the votes and suggestions form their growing community of 50K professional designers. These votes and suggestions are being submitted on Webydo’s Participate page, where the team is listening to the needs of their designers, and directing the future of the platform based off of these suggestions.

Let me know in the comments below what you feel about it. You can try out Webydo today with their Free account, and begin to unleash your creativity.


This article is proudly presented and sponsored by Webydo’s designer’s community.


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