The Day I Couldn’t Even Find My Own Website

Running a website isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. True, I set the bar high by imagining that I would soon be living next to the beach, drinking sickly sweet cocktails and occasionally switching on my computer to grin at my bulging bank balance.

However, even my rather more realistic aim of building up a decent stock of money to help me retire early came up serious threat when I started out. My main job doesn’t leave me with much time for running an internet business but I was so taken with the idea of doing this that I decided to take the plunge and just do it anyway.

Golf for Lefties

I had an idea for a site which I was excited about and which I wanted to share with the world. I play golf left handed and I wanted to reach out to fellow southpaws and give them some encouragement and advice just for them. I did most things right and researched my market a little and then checked out the keywords and phrases I would need to focus on in the search engine rankings.

After that I really just started writing articles about the fun I have had playing golf the cack handed way. I am actually right handed in a lot of other things but my Dad gave me a set of leftie clubs which someone gave him or which he found somewhere. I never got around to asking him how he ended up with them but they gave me a lot of pleasure over many years.

Anyway, my site was looking good. If this doesn’t sound too conceited I actually enjoyed reading my own articles. They talked about the time when my Dad used to wake me up at 5 in the morning to walk the 3 or 4 miles to our local golf course. If I close my eyes I can still imagine the line the ball would make in the early morning dew as I scuffed another shot along the ground. Writing these stories helped bring it all back to me.

A Vision of the Future

My Dad was the person who had told me to learn about computers in the first place. This was years ago when hardly anyone had one, but he said to me that a good level of computer knowledge was going to be the key to getting a job in the future. It turned out that he was absolutely right but he had never even touched a computer until my site was up and running.

He came over on a surprise visit one Sunday and I decided to give him a treat by letting him see all my articles about our golf rounds together. I could almost imagine the tear glistening in his eye as he realised how much those games had meant to me and how I still treasured the memory all these years later.

Where Did It Go?

To make the build up a bit more exciting I did a Google search on my top keyword instead of entering the site address directly. I had written loads of articles by now so I guessed that it must be fairly high up on the rankings. Well, it wasn’t on the first page, or the second one. After flicking through five pages I eventually had to just type the address in and go straight to the address.

It turns out that writing all of my articles with so much passion and having so much fun doing it hadn’t been enough to boost my site into a decent place on the search engines. At this point I realised that I needed some professional help to get me to the level of success I wanted. I still haven’t made it to that beach but with some experts helping my site along the way at least I can find it when I look for it now.

With a strong digital marketing agencyon your side you can make a much greater success of your internet business.

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