SpeedWapp : an innovative website builder project

SpeedWapp is an interactive WYSIWYG website builder. Whether you are a web development agency, a freelancer or even a web entrepreneur, building websites becomes a more efficient and fun task with Speedwapp.


The platform is still in development, though some of its features are already available and testable on speedwapp.com. One of the features of Speedwapp is its’ drag and drop system which allows users to add UI components directly to the canvas and then arrange them to build web pages. You can add a nav menu with all its items, an image or a slider (carrousel), a header or footer bloc, different types of widgets, forms, buttons, social media boxes…

All the components are classified by categories in a foldable library located at the left side of the Back office interface. You can also find a particular component by searching its’ name in the search bar, then drag it to the canvas. You can also choose not to go from scratch and just select a template between those available on the platform. They can be uses directly or customized interactively.

There is a CSS propriety panel at the right side of the working space. It allows users to interactively add style to their creation: changing the colors, background colors or images, setting positions or precise margins and paddings between elements, adding effects, animations… In short, your web pages can be built and customized in the finest details.

The first version launch

It will take place on October 8th 2015. In order to continue the development of the app while being more accurate about users needs, we’re organizing a survey campaign which you can participate here. Many rewards to be won, including a 1 year free access to Speedwapp at launch.

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