Simple and Easy Cross-browser CSS3 Animations

Animate.css is a collection of css3 cross-browser animations made by Dan Eden.


How to use

To use animate.css in your website, simply drop the stylesheet into your document’s , and add the class ‘animated’ to an element, along with any of the animation names.


You can do a whole bunch of other stuff with animate.css when you combine it with jQuery or add your own CSS rules. Dynamically add animations using jQuery with ease:

$('#yourElement').addClass('animated bounceOutLeft');

You can also detect when an animation ends:

$('#yourElement').one('webkitAnimationEnd mozAnimationEnd oAnimationEnd animationEnd', doSomething());

You can change the duration of your animations, add a delay or change the number of times that it plays:

#yourElement {
    -vendor-animation-duration: 3s;
    -vendor-animation-delay: 2s;
    -vendor-animation-iteration-count: infinite;

Note: be sure to replace “vendor” in the CSS with the applicable vendor prefixes (webkit, moz, etc)

Demo Download

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