Sassaparilla – A set of Styles to Kickstart Your Project

Sassaparilla is a set of styles to kickstart your project, built with Sass and Compass. It is created by the folks at



  • Sassafras grid system
  • Typeset module
  • Flexible breakpoints
  • and more…

Markup Guidelines

Sassaparilla uses the following guidelines:

  • No ID’s for styling
  • Write in all lowercase and separate each word with a dash (.global-header)
  • Use 4space tab indenting. Indent as you go
  • Nest as little as possible to achieve the desired control – keeps the compiled CSS file size down
  • Leave comments you wish to compile to css in regular css style. All other comments, write in SCSS style
  • Use @extend and @mixin to keep code nice and clean

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