5 Reasons Why Bloggers Fail and Give Up

Today, the internet is full of bloggers who work hard to get recognized and gain popularity. The sad thing is that most of them fail and give up easily. One important thing that they fail to understand is that to be a successful blogger you have to be patient. It takes time for a blogger to be successful. Some people give up blogging because no one is commenting on their blog or the traffic generated seems to be low. People want instant success. They fail to understand that slow starts are normal. It takes time to figure out the content of your blog and to identify the target audience. One has to struggle in order to develop writing skills. Writing is a tough task which a person develops with time.

Here are the five reasons why bloggers fail and give up

#1. Lack of Knowledge

Most people can write good content but putting them in a blog in a way which is attractive to people can be challenging. On the other hand, most bloggers cannot figure out the starting point. They seem to have no ultimate goal in their mind as they simply seek to earn money. Blogging is all about sharing your knowledge and your views. One must ensure that his or her blog is constantly being updated.

#2. Patience = Zero

Lack of patience is the second reason why bloggers fail and give up. Most people venture into blogging with only one goal that is to earn money, and if they fail to do so, they immediately quit. Most bloggers expect immediate results whereas blogging needs consistency and time.

Many Internet marketers promote quick ways to make money from blogging and this is extremely misleading. Unfortunately new bloggers fail to make money quickly and become disheartened.

#3. No Planning

Most bloggers have no plans or goals. They have no time frame or set period within which they expect to achieve a certain goal. Planning is important in helping one know where to start. I personally have a list that I follow for everything I do when it comes to building websites. You can see some of my checklists in the top nav menu at my website.

#4. Missed the Target Market

Bloggers do not capture the attention of people they actually want to convey their message to, which in turn reduce their chance of becoming a successful blogger. One of the signs that a blogger is in a wrong niche is when he or she does not enjoy writing about the topic. Copying other people’s ideas is also among the signs of a wrong niche.

#5. Blogging is Just Too Much!

The fifth reason why most bloggers fail and give up is because blogging was too overwhelming to them. People are attracted to a well organised blog. To be successful, bloggers have to ensure that their blogs have a clear message and a proper structure. To achieve this goal they have to be consistent and spend much of their time working on it, and that is why they find it to be overwhelming. It is important for bloggers to know that their blog is a reflection of their business and themselves. It is therefore important for them to be creative and to use new ideas on their blogs.

Blogging is not easy and building a successful blog takes many different skills. It is sad to see people get no real income from blogging, but it does not have to be this way! Blogging is not hard if you are prepared and aware of what needs to be done.

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