‘Pure’ a tiny CSS Framework by Yahoo

Pure is a brand new CSS Framework that is created by Yahoo. It uses Normalize.css and doesn’t use any JavaScript but only HTML and CSS.


Pure is meant to be a starting point for every website or web app. Pure takes care of all the CSS work that every site needs, without making it look cookie-cutter.

  • A responsive grid that can be customized to your needs.
  • A solid base built on Normalize.css to fix cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • Consistently styled buttons that work
  • Styles for vertical and horizontal menus, including support for dropdown menus.
  • Useful form alignments that look great on all screen sizes.
  • Various common table styles.
  • An extremely minimalist look that is super-easy to customize.
  • Responsive by default, with a non-responsive option.
  • Easy one-click customization with the Skin Builder.
  • Extremely small file size: 4.8KB minified + gzip.

Give it a try!

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