10 Useful Productivity Tools To Save More Time

Here is a list of 10 innovative productivity tools to save your time and increase your workflow and get the job done.

1. Strawberryj.am – Friend based trends as your newsreader

trawberryj.am pulls in all your past tweets and orders them by most mentioned. This means it will filter out all the clutterand present you with only the most relevant news. Another great feature is that you can opt in to receive email updates with the top news from your stream.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-Strawberry

2. Coolendar – A calendar that turns into a to do list

Coolendar ties in very neatly with Gmail so you can set up a bot that notifies you for events via Google Talk.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-coolcalender

3. Buffer – Tweet without creating noise

Have you ever come across 3 or 4 great articles that you felt like Tweeting? Doing so in a short space of time can often overwhelm our followers. By Buffering your tweets instead, they will be spaced out over the whole day. You can Buffer tweets from any website with one of the browser extensions (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) and never again worry about flooding your followers.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-buffer

4. Let’s Crate – File sharing at its simplest

Although Apps like Dropbox make filesharing very simple, Let’s Crate takes it again to a new level. All you do is arrive at the website and drop a file you wish to share into the box. By doing so the App will generate a link for you containing the file and you can conveniently share it across your Social Networks. The beautiful design makes doing this easy on the eyes too.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-letscrat

5. Rapportive – Get to know your email contacts better

Rapportive has been around for a little while and is super helpful in order to interact on a more in-depth level with your email contacts. If you install the App inside Gmail, you will receive detailed information about a person if you receive an email from them. This includes data about their Facebook, Twitter and other social network accounts.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-rupportive

6. Mockflow – Beautiful Wireframes in seconds

Although Mockflow is not the first software to allow you to build wireframes, the functionality of it is very powerful. You can design user interface mockups and website within a very short space of time. As a plus it also works offline. You are offered many different drawings and concepts to create your mockup, which makes putting a concrete idea across very easy.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-mockflow

7. WooRank – How well is your website doing?

Woorank is something like a Klout score for your website. By dropping in any URL you will receive interesting insights about how well your site is performing. You can see various measures on in-site and off-site SEO as well as traffic analytics from Alexa and Compete in one spot. After all analytics taken you will be presented with a score that you can compare with other sites.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-woorank

8. Simplenote – Take notes from anywhere you go

The need to jot down notes is one of these things that happen at the most inconvenient times I found. This is where SimpleNote comes in and helps you out. With the Apps browser extension you can easily take notes of things that pop up. The App offers you to publish these notes and collaborate on them with others. I also suggest you try the tagging feature to find your notes quickly again.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-simplenote

9. Bounce Р Analyze websites in a fun and new way

Bounce offers you a fun and useful solution to optimize your websites. The tool takes a screenshot of any URL you put in. You can then go ahead and comment on various parts of the website and save these comments. I found that this helped me great deal to give and receive feedback on my design in a hassle-free and quick way.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-bounce

10. SocialMention – Where and what do people talk about you?

Another fantastic tool I have started to use is one called SocialMention. You can type in any keyword, brand name or username and search for it from across the web. It then displays different mentions alongside some great statistics. You can track sentiment, number of authors, related keywords and of course the content itself.

Productivity Tools To Save More Time-socialmenstion

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