7 Must Have Apps for Every Web Designer

Web apps play an integral role in the web design process. The availability of cutting edge web apps these days that are both open source as well as paid has significantly transformed the way websites are designed, by introducing new formats and infusing new life into previously lackluster websites. Apart from that web apps are very convenient to use and can save the average designer a lot of time, whilst producing designs of the highest caliber.

Here are 7 web apps that can enhance the functionality and appeal of your web design:

Phoenix image editor

Aviary’s flagship image editor Phoenix is a very high-octane online photo editor. This app comes with a very easy to use interface and can be used to perform a wide variety of function that include basic image retouching to creating several complex image photo effects.

CSS3 generator v1.9

Now generating your CSS3 code just got better and more convenient with the help of the CSS3 generator. Using this useful app you can create pretty much any CSS3 feature. Everything from shadows to transitions, font-face as well as gradients and animations are all possible using this handy app.


Adobe’s Kuler is another exciting app that can infuse new life into any web design with its array of color schemes. The app enables you to select from a diversity of thousands of themes and color variations that are most appropriate for your web design.


Have you ever chanced upon a beautiful rare font on a website or image, but can’t identify the source or how to generate it? Now using Whatthefont you can identify your favorite font by simply submitting the URL or uploading the image file to their database.

Twitter profile designer

Tweeting just got more interesting with Themeleon  a riveting Twitter profile designer that enables you to customize your Twitter profile according to your choice and liking. Brought to you exclusively from Colourlovers, this app is a must have for all Twitter enthusiasts.


Your web designer is going to love this app. Typetester enables users to compare different fonts that appear on a given screen. Given the fact that there are so many different fonts that are being encoded into operating systems, using Typetester you can update all the commonly used fonts.


Browser compatibility is a huge issue these days. Given the fact that there are so many different browsers that are being used by users, it is imperative that your site renders effectively and is compatible with every browser. Loads.in ensures this by analyzing the loading speed of your website through a browser from over 50 locations globally. 

Using these cutting edge apps would enable you to create a visually appealing website that captivates the hearts and minds of your visitors, while ensuring functionality and full browser compatibility. Once you have all your web designing bases covered you can rest assured that your website would render efficiently and can be accessed through any medium no matter if it is through a computer or a mobile phone.

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