Managing Multiple WordPress sites from One Centralized Location

WordPress is the most preferred CMS for many. It is an amazing story how WordPress started as a simple blogging platform and established itself as one of the major Content Management Systems with time. Being open source there is a huge community support; hence getting started with WordPress is quite easy and you will get continuous support too. There are lots of themes, plugins to add functionality to the websites.

As a result, a lot of people are building their websites with WordPress. If you have a series of WordPress websites, or if your client wants you to maintain all their WordPress installs on their behalf, then just imagine how painful will it be to log-in to all the sites separately and manage? What about a centralized place from where you can control all?

WordPress 3 has the multisite feature; it allows you to create a network of WordPress websites with a single install. However, if you need something more than what WordPress 3 offers, there are some other options available for you. Let us know more about them.

WP Remote


WP Remote is a plugin that allows administrators to control multiple WordPress installations and do some basic things. You need to install the plugin on each WordPress sites you intend to manage; then you get a central dashboard on the WP Remote site.

These are the things you can do with multiple WordPress installations on a single-go through WP Remote.

  • Mass update all WordPress installations
  • Update plugins, provided they can be updated through the plugin page of WordPress dashboard
  • Off-line backups
  • Update themes, provided they can be updated through the themes page of WordPress



ManageWP offers a lot of free features; the free version allows to manage 5 WordPress sites maximum. To control more than 5 sites through ManageWP you have to go for the premium version. There are multiple paid packages for the users to choose from.

ManageWP Free offers following features.

  • Update all sites through one dashboard by just one click
  • Login to multiple WordPress sites in just one click
  • Install and mange themes and plugins
  • Remove spam comments
  • Post revisions
  • Optimize databases
  • Restricted IP address access
  • Login authentication via email
  • Site traffic stats

The premium version offers following features.

  • Create new posts and pages in bulk
  • Review websites from SEO perspectives
  • Manage users
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Automated backup scheduling
  • Monitor uptime

There are three paid plans; you can manage any number of WordPress installations through the paid plans. There must be many such options; choose the best one and start managing your WordPress sites efficiently.

Infinite WP


Infinite WP has a free and a paid version; the free version offers the basic features; but for advanced features you need to buy the paid version.

Infinite WP Free offers very basic yet useful features; so much so that most of us might not even need to go for the paid one. Here is what the free version offers:

  • Download, restore or delete backups
  • Update to the latest version of WordPress
  • Install plugins and manage them
  • Install themes and manage them

These are the most common task one needs to do. If you need something more, you can go for the paid version. Here is the list of features Infinite WP Premium version offers:

  • Install WordPress
  • Automated backup scheduling
  • Manage WordPress users
  • Copy a specific WordPress installation; also known as cloning
  • Run custom PHP code on multiple WordPress sites

Some premium add-ons are also available; which include following things:

  • Create Links, Pages and Posts in bulk
  • Manage Comments and Posts on multiple sites
  • Google Analytics integration

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