List of Top free CMS – WordPress is not the Only Option

The importance of a good content management system (CMS) cannot be overplayed. This is especially true for workplaces as such a system is vital for the success of your business. In a nutshell, what a CMS does is enable data sharing between multiple computers at a workplace. This helps in many ways, as it would enable all your projects and reports to be completed by a series of different people. It is all about seamless integration which ultimately makes the workplace more efficient. The market has many paid CMS options to choose from but there is no dearth of quality free options either. Below are the best free CMS options.


It is among the most popular of all free CMS options. Like any good CMS option, it will enable you to organize and publish various things on your website. Community support is one of Drupal’s strong points. This CMS sees constant updates which add new features and editing options. Drupal features a number of modules that various types of websites can use.


Another popular free CMS choice among many users, SilverStripe is sought after for its compatibility will all types of operating systems. This CMS’s template language has the ability to integrate itself easily into any type of database. SilverStripe’s templates are different from codes used on the website which makes the task of programming much easier.

Cushy CMS

An amazingly easy and user friendly format is one of the highlights of this great free CMS option. However the most important thing about this CMS application is that it is hosted. What this means is you won’t be required to install any modifications or custom programs to get it working. Cushy CMS also makes whatever you create with it SEO friendly. This will help your website achieve the best possible results.


A large collection of editing tools is what this free CMS program is known for. dotCMS seamlessly supports file tree controls, image edits and even communication management. These features will enable a computer to easily create its processes. Programmers and developers can easily get access to a website’s source code by using dotCMS.


This is an open source CMS. Concrete5 has a number of features that are suited to executing online marketing strategies quite smoothly. Content editing, site developing modules and template designing work very well with this CMS. Concrete5 is written in PHP language for smooth operation and easy achieving of results. The CMS also supports a number of add-ons which can help you in many ways.

Radiant CMS

The last in this list of good free CMS options, Radiant CMS is ideally suited for use in small organizations and workplaces. Controlling is very easy thanks to the user friendly options and interfaces. Adjusting pages is also a breeze. This CMS even allows use of some customised text fillers. If you are looking for an easy to handle development platform then you can’t go wrong Radiant CMS.

Each of the above CMS options is free. All of them have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. You will know about their suitability to your requirements only after trying them out which shouldn’t be a problem as they are free after all.

3 thoughts on “List of Top free CMS – WordPress is not the Only Option

  1. Nice list, I need to give some of these a try. I feel it’s quite important to have an easy method of editing Meta tags etc. Do any of these have this functionality?

    Do any have an events function so a client could edit events and dates as this is something that can change quite regularly?

  2. I would prefer to use a CMS with much flexible database than mysql. See a new open source CMS based on php and SQLite. you can even save images and swf files as raw data in the database. Transfering the SQLite file to another server is done in a minute better than export/import with bugs here and there.

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