10 Inspirational Movies for Graphic Designers

Films and movies has always been a basis of inspiration for several graphic designers. They are like approaches to unique visual design for graphic designers. A good graphic designer can view the cinema works to take inspiration for his graphic design. By studying movies with a critical eye, a good graphic designer can make interesting graphic design for his website or blog.

The students or beginner designers can take good idea with these movies for their designs. You can get an idea of your design from a visually stimulating or inspirational film. Here is a list of movies that can be recommended to graphic designers:

1. The Science of Sleep

the science of sleep

This famous movie was directed by famous director Michel Gondry. The famous characters were Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gael Garcia Bernal in the movie. It was an imaginative journey of feature powerful and subconscious world. There are several amazing scenes in the movie in which the character goes inside an unconscious world using illustration and collage. The film was a visual delight with art exhibit in the city of NY showing props and ideas form the film. This could be an inspirational film for talented graphic designers.

2. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's moving castle

It was an animated film Directed by Hayao Miyazaki – a Japanese director. He has pictured a dark, strange world in his film. This movie of art unfold is very inspiring for graphic designers.

3. Exit through the gift-shop

exit through the gift shop

This film was directed by Banksy was excellent film of that time. The voice of main character was disguised by some creepy machines in the film. This film was very much appreciated by the views and could be a successful one for graphic designing. The film was very interesting story line, which makes you think again about value of design and art. You can use this theme for an excellent graphic design.

4. Manufactured Landscapes

This film was in documentary style examining design and art in real world. Jennifer Baichwal was the director of this film. He has worked with his talented photographer Burtynsky who has special skills to click excellent photographs of industrial landscapes around the world.

5. Objectified


It is another documentary film that could be a source of inspiration for skilled graphic designers.

6. Alien


This is an old film directed by Ridley Scott in 1979. It was very much liked by the views and has inspired several graphic designers from around the world.

7. Blade Runner

Blade Runner

It was another awesome movie from Ridley Scott. This movie is very eye catching and can be recommended for graphic design.

8. Ran


The director of this film was Akira Kurosawa. Akira was very famous of making watercolor paintings in a creative style. This film was greeted to the industry of cinema.

9. The wrong trousers

The wrong trousers

It was directed by Nick Parks in the early nineties. He do lot of things with 2D and 3D clay figures in this film. This film could also be recommended to graphic designers for unique design.

10. Helvetica

It is a movie made by Gary Hustwit in the year 2007. This film is also known as inspirational film for graphic designers.

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