Infographic: Understanding Effective Advertising Techniques

Advertising techniques have evolved in several significant ways over the past few decades. In the past, many companies would use facts and information to advertise their products and services. While this technique was often used from 1920 to 1980, it has been replaced with a different form of advertising in the modern world.

Modern advertisers often use emotional marketing techniques to sell products and services. By eliciting an emotional response in advertisement viewers, it’s often possible to boost sales and improve consumer brand perception. For example, many advertisements use humor as a selling point. By creating an advertisement that sticks in the mind of the viewer, it’s often possible to get him or her to remember the advertisement in the future.

In addition, fear can be a powerful motivating factor for many people. With fear, a company can leverage people’s hidden insecurities to sell products. In many cases, this can be a powerful way to sell a product or service.


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