Infographic: Google Constantly Developing New Online Services

We all know that search engines are an important part of the whole internet. For the last decade or so, Google has been able to keep its position as the world’s number one search provider, with billions of users around the world. But in today’s online world, search isn’t everything. This is why the company has invested several billions of dollars in different projects.

Some of these involve acquiring other websites and integrating them in Google’s portfolio of online services. The most famous examples of the would be the acquisition of YouTube in 2006 for an amount of $1.65 billion.

With social media taking an important part in our daily lives, Google is trying to build its place in that area, even though the market is currently dominated by Facebook. It is reported that Google has spent over $700 million on its Google+ social networking service. So far, it’s showing good growth, as millions of people now actively use the service.


Source: Best Computer Science Schools

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