HTML 5 Tags Can Help Build Your Business Website


As many parts of HTML 4.01 have lost their relevance today, HTML 5 now promises designers far less code and users a more seamless online experience. So what exactly does HTML 5 have that is so special? Since 1999, when HTML 4.01 was made standard for all internet usage, the way we use the internet has changed immeasurably. One thing we now use it for more than we ever did a decade ago is multimedia. Once partaking in the odd online stream, people are now using multimedia throughout day.

From teaching ourselves new skills using online videos, to streaming the music of our favorite artists, we now use multimedia on a daily basis. HTML 5 incorporates this simple fact into its design. It contains special <audio> and <video> tags to help specify what a certain part of a page’s content actually is. This reduces the amount of code needed which, in turn, increases a website’s efficiency. It is good news for online businesses because it makes it easier for a website to provide video and audio both of which are now invaluable resources for increasing website traffic.

For example, viral videos of a product greatly increase revenue, whereas an audio sample of an album can boost online sales. HTML 5 also includes new language specifically designed for web applications. Over the years, we have seen websites become more and more animated, partly through programmers using AJAX and DHTML.

AJAX and DHTML allow content to automatically refresh itself in the background without disturbing the running of the web page. Its major uses are in animating text and images. Embedded tickers also automatically refresh feeds such as breaking news stories. A number of new tags now give hooks to scripting languages, which greatly increases integration between web applications and HTML.

Again, this is good news for a business owner wanting to know how to build your own website. An online organisation’s success is often related to its online graphics and professional appearance making the use of HTML 5 essential. Drop down menus and the ability to drag and drop products into a shopping basket are just two examples of how AJAX and DHTML can improve a business’ website.

Sleek, modern applications such as these can make all the difference when it comes to attracting potential buyers as it increases a customer’s confidence in your site. Whether it’s through sharing media or making your website more attractive, HTML 5 is set to make it much easier for anyone to build their own successful website.

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