How To Compare A Website With A House

It’s far easier to understand a complicated fact by comparing it with something common, the power of exemplifying is amazing and it works perfectly for human brains. Therefore by comparing a website, a very complicated fact, with something common may be beneficial mostly for clients that aren’t quite passionate about web design, but also for designers themselves to get a better idea about their work. A house is a common thing, so common that it’s part of a baby’s vocabulary.

Apparently, two different entities, a house and a website have many common ideas and it’s not wrong to compare them, surely by presenting this to the clients they will be amazed and probably will appreciate the respective designer more.

A good website or a house is built on serious fundamentals


A house or a website needs a very detailed basis, the fundamentals must be very carefully planned. The foundation of a house is the one that sustains the entire building, one that is solid doesn’t create problems and the owner is satisfied while one that is wonky creates a lot of troubles. The same is happening with a website: if the planning process isn’t fully reflecting the expectations of the client, any ulterior modification supposes an unthinkable volume of work.

Even if, when planning it seems that in fact nothing is done and people are hurried to take action, a wise designer keeps his cool blood and is making the perfect blueprint.

The house walls are the code of the website


If you don’t want to have any concern about weather conditions then the walls must be solid and rigid and the corners must be perfectly done. It’s not something new and the same treatment is necessary to be applied when it’s about the code of a website.

A clean code allows easily any future modification of the website but also gives the feeling of certitude to the owner. It is very important to have a clean code, without suspicious sequences of code, that may be modified very easily, sooner or later the owner will need to bring fresh content and updates.

Both a house or a website must be optimized and accessible


Definitely, any house owner wants to have separated rooms serving various purposes. We could deduce (and it isn’t rocket science) that an organized and optimized house is mandatory; much more we want everything at hand, the accessibility is another important feature of a living place. Surprisingly or not, a website should satisfy very similar ideas: it must be well organized; a complicated amalgam is the worst web designer’s nightmare. An online presence must be optimized for the search engines and the spiders of these are very hard to satisfy.

Not in the end, a website must be accessible, no matter how use to navigate the users or the dimensions of the devices rendering it.

The small details make the big difference


The main difference between a good architect and a decent one or between a good web designer and a common one is the care for details. In both cases this statement is golden: “small details make the big difference. A quality work consists in the way of resolving the small issues and the perfect example to sustain this idea is Apple. The competitors of Steve Jobs’ company produced tablets and smartphones with very similar technical characteristics, but none of these is realized with so much attention than an iProduct and buyers know this.

A house and a website must reflect the style of the owner


Let’s suppose that you are an interior designer and you are hired by a computer addicted person to decorate his house. I am sure that by adopting a romantic style furniture won’t please him. The style of the owner must be reflected either in habitat or in his online presence. Only by taking into account this aspect is possible to satisfy the client, which in both fields is very important.

The design must have the user as the most important entity


When we speak about architecture and web design we are speaking about design, pure design. A good design doesn’t mean only the beauty of shapes and nice color combination it is about functionality then about fineness. Thinking in this way, the correct one, the user got the primordial role and his satisfaction, pleasure and commodity are major steps to achieve.

There are no shortcuts, only quality works make “miracles”


If you enjoyed Need for Speed video games series then you know that by using a shortcut you got a bonus. In projecting a house or a website any compromise isn’t recommended, sooner or later someone will notice it.

Therefore the conclusion is: don’t use poor quality materials. If you are building a reliable house then it is welcomed to use the best cement, the best glass and so on (of course, it is limited by the money to invest but never be avaricious).

In the web design domain the same idea means to avoid buying poor photos or banal fonts. In the end, I hope that the comparison was useful for you and please let me know your opinion about it and if there are any similar ideas that may add up into the post.

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