Use your Google + profile for effective social communication

When social networking started to get prominence with huge success on Facebook’s part, Google too realized how much social networks mattered. Google+ was Google alternative to Facebook. Technically it is somewhat similar to Facebook but has many new features that make it different and provide new ways to interact with people on the digital world.

Many people and users groaned and wondered why would Google launch and invest into a saturated market with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and MySpace. What niche did Google think it can serve that is not tapped by these existing networks? Google+ was designed to help you in more effective social communication by doing right what other social media did wrong. Google made sure that if it were to be in likeness to other social networks it needs to have a competitive edge to help it grow. It helps in a better social communication with extra features that it has developed.

Circles: Differentiate, Distinguish and separate

Google+ has a new feature it calls circle for its users. It is a fact that categorizing your friends on your chat list, setting privacy and other settings can not only be tedious but also make it frustrating. Google+ on the other hand makes it more fun, creative and intriguing due to bright colors and fun animation. This means that users would not only feel at ease but will actually enjoy the process. Circles are also a great help in separating work from personal life or any other privacy issues you want. You can create circles for your office contacts and family contacts separately which can help you in controlling your privacy and other issues. This helps you to keep your language and the content you share on Google+ to a relevant group of people.

Instant Gratification and Video Integration in Social networks:

Google+ has optimized and streamlined the process by which you can share your pictures easily. You don’t have to go through each process meticulously tagging people in it and uploading on the social networks. But with Google+ app on your mobile you can use the instant upload feature which will upload the picture while you are on the move and help your in better social communications as it will help your friends to get their pictures and also comment on it.

Another great feature that revolves around a very important fact is how Google+ made the web cam more socially acceptable. The reason is that people tend to be hesitant with initiating one and in fact more on the webcam. With Google+ you can easily have fun and use the webcam with your friends by using Hangout which allows multiple people using the cam in sort of a conference video call.

Privacy is serious on Google +

The Google+ is based on the protection of Privacy. Whether they thought to use this feature as a marketing tool or as an added feature or just for competition edge, it clicked. The reason was simple, Facebook privacy settings are limited whereas Library of Congress saves all your tweets which means Google+ is the only one which helps in privacy issue of people that are non tolerant to technicalities and privacy issues.

5 thoughts on “Use your Google + profile for effective social communication

  1. Great post. I just wanted to add that having seen that Google+ has this new feature called circles, Facebook implemented a similar feature, which also allows you to specify which exactly groups of people you’d like to share certain information with.

  2. what ever it is, mind don’t get to use G+ enough as Facebook. Not even for social promotion. Seriously there is no fun element. A piece of attraction is missing, may be the features are ripped off from twitter, facebook etc.

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