35+ Amazing Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers


In this article I am going to present you a Collection of 35+ Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers which you can use to make your workflow faster. All of these extensions are free and must have. Subscribe to Feed if you would like to be informed for the latest posts.

Firebug Lite

Firebug Lite is a tool for web developers, that allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.


Pendule displays linked and embedded style sheets of the current page in a new tab. It reloads the style sheets for the current page on the fly, so you don’t have to reload the whole page for each change, and also disables CSS for the current page.

Eye Dropper

Eye Dropper and Color Picker extension which allows you to pick color from any webpage or from advanced color picker.

Aviary Screen Capture

With Aviary Screen Capture you can take a screenshot of any webpage and edit it directly in your browser with Aviary.com applications. Plus convenient access to the Aviary website and tools.


The Lorem Ipsum Generator

The Lorem Ipsum Generator extension creates random dummy Lorem Ipsum text.


IE Tab will allow you to use Internet Explorer to display web pages in a Chrome tab. Some sites can only be displayed using IE, and with this extension you can now see those sites without leaving Chrome. Great for web developers who want to test the IE rendering engine, users who use sites with ActiveX controls, and users who want to use the explorer view for local files (i.e. file:// URLs).

Instant Image Editor

Instant Image Editor lets you right-click any image or element on a web page with a background image while holding down the alt key (ctrl key on Linux). You can edit the image instantly in a new tab using Pixlr, which is a fast, easy-to-use app that runs in the browser. When right-clicking an element that is not an image, Instant Image Editor will also try to determine whether the element has a background image that is editable.

Measure It

MeasureIt! lets you use a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a web page.

Resolution Test

Resolution Test is an extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions, with an option to define your own resolutions.


Validity can be used to quickly validate your HTML documents from the address bar. Just click the icon in the address bar to validate the current document without leaving the page. The number of validation errors can be seen in the tool tip.

PHP Console

PHP Console is an extension for Lagger (lightweight and flexible open-source PHP library for errors/exceptions/debugs handling in PHP) that displays PHP errors/debug messages in Google Chrome console and in notification popups.


Snippy allows you to grab snippets of web pages and save them for future use. Snippy capture rich contents and preserves formatting, so you can capture paragraphs, images, links and more.

META SEO Inspector

META SEO Inspector can be useful to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing.

Web Developer

Web Developer adds a toolbar button to the browser with various web developer tools. This is the official port of the popular Web Developer extension for Firefox.

Window Resizer

Window Resizer resizes the browser’s window to emulate various resolutions. This extension is particularly useful for web designers and developers by helping them test their layouts on different browser resolutions. The resolutions list is completely customizable (add/delete/re-order).

The Google Tasks Extension

The Google Tasks extension allows you to access Google Tasks from any web page at any time. Great for just jotting something down or checking your agenda.

Cloud Save

Cloud Save Since designers usually work online, this extension will let them save files easily in a supported cloud service.

CSS Scan

CSS Scan This is the counterpart of FF’s CSS Viewer and it lets the designer view the CSS properties of a particular element.

META SEO Inspector

META SEO Inspector META data is not visible while browsing, but this extension will let developers inspect mate data found in web pages.

Built With

Built With This extension discovers the different technologies being used by the web site, which help designers, decide which technologies to adapt to the site that he is developing.

Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer This extension analyzes the performance of your website and provides metrics that will help a designer fix performance problems.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot This lets you capture a screenshot of a portion or the whole of a page and will be able to annotate the screen shot with rectangles, circles, text and the like.

Plain Clothes

Plain Clothes will let you unstyle the web pages or set it close to default.

Flash Block

Flash Block With this extension, flash content will be blocked from loading but instead, placeholder will be place so the designer has the option to view the Flash design if he wants.


Picnik In some web designs, a web designer might require screen shots of sites and pages and the Picnik extension makes this easy as it takes screen shots and allows online and on-the-spot editing of the screenshot.

Domain Availability Checker

Domain Availability Checker Domain names is important when designing websites and so this tool will help designer check for available domain names that he can use for his site.

WordPress Stats

WordPress Stats for chrome provides you the referrers, top posts, search term and clicks of your blog without the need to login your blog dashboard.

What Font

What Font The easiest way to identify fonts on web pages.


ScribeFire An easy-to-use blog editor lets you post to all of your blogs.

PageRank Status

PageRank Status Shows Google PageRank and AlexaRank of current web page, quick access to Geo IP Location, Whois, Alexa, backlinks and indexed pages.

Proxy Switchy!

Proxy Switchy! is an advanced proxy manager for Google Chrome, it allows users to manage and switch between multiple proxy profiles quickly and easily.


JSONView is an extension that helps you to parse and view JSON documents.

REST Console

REST Console is a REST Client for Google Chrome to visualize and construct custom HTTP requests to test with any web service.

jQuery API Browser

jQuery API Browser Quickly browse through jQuery API documentation with autocomplete search.


StayFocusd is a productivity extension for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you can spend on time-wasting websites.


Ruul is a fantastically simple on-screen ruler for lining up and measuring type, line height, strokes and just about anything on the web.

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