6 Awesome Fun Web Tools

In this post i will highlight 6 web tools to help you with your web sites and some you could use just for fun.

1. Xtranormal

Xtranormal lets you create fun movies that you can upload to Youtube and embed in your site.

Fun Web Tools-xtranormal

2. ToonDoo

ToonDoo is a fun tool for making cartoons for your website or blog.

Fun Web Tools-toondo

3. Dipity

Dipity is a fun tool for making timelines. You can set the up yourself and then invite people to contribute to them. As well as having a standard timeline like the one below you can create flipbooks, lists and maps.

Fun Web Tools-dipity

4. Kwout

You can use Kwout for quoting websites. Just install the addon and then you can grab areas of websites and embed them in your blog. What makes Kwout so useful is that it creates an image map of the area you have taken the screengrab from.

Fun Web Tools-kwout

5. Wallwisher

This is very interesting tool to create a web wall for your blog. It’s very easy to create and embed in your blog or website.

Fun Web Tools-wellwisher

6. PhotoPeach

PhotoPeach is a useful tool for making slideshows. You can easily embed captions in them, and add quizzes. Below is one of the popular slideshows made on PhotoPeach.

Fun Web Tools-photopeach

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